Friday, October 10, 2014


Haha, the title is a nod to a joke a friend of mine made about our imminent trip to Turkey. Tomorrow, as it happens, is Turkey Day! Tonight we say Goodbye South Africa and tomorrow we arrive and start our 2 week holiday.

I'm surprisingly nervous. I think since I did my usual Holiday Itinerary for my folks & gran ... and I saw how busy this trip is actually going to be. Even tho we thought we'd sort of take it a little easier, what with The Trucker's ankle strapped and me being pregnant and all. Then I saw how busy we'll be ... Oh my.

But I am still looking forward to it. I need the break from work. Although I may come back more exhausted than I'm leaving - haha. At least we have 2 full days back home before we have to come back to work!

Plus it is probably our last overseas holiday in a while ... so I definitely want to make the most of it. Plus, I get to tick off 2 things on my Life List! So I'm kinda nervous excited.

What else. It's been another quiet week at home in the evenings. But, yesterday I got home to see The Trucker had arranged 3 guys to come and finish our Patio roofing! OMG. I love how it looks. So thrilled with how it came out ... except for one weird bent piece of bamboo :/ But still.

Have a fabulous 2 weeks guys and I'll see you here when I'm back!

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Random Kak 2 by Trevor Romain

The hugely popular Trevor Romain is back with more random memories about growing up in South Africa in the 70s and 80s.

In this follow-up to Random Kak I Remember about Growing Up in South Africa, he offers a humorous and unique take on some of the sights, sounds and experiences that have made living in this country so inspiring. Remembering what it means to be South African has never been as lekker as it is in this illustrated memoir of a colourful past.

Mkay so Penguin kindly sent me a copy of this book. I think I may even have requested it to review ... it looked and sounded like the sort of books The Trucker seems to have a lot of, less like ones I'm more likely to pick for myself.

It was rubbish. Okay, it wasn't completely devoid of entertainment. I think I read it in one sitting in an hour. The only bits I liked were the "South African words" cause they made me smile as I know and remember so many of them. The longer "stories" were completely arbitrary and I didn't find them amusing or entertaining at all.

I thought it might've just been my sense of humour, but The Trucker wasn't impressed with this book either. When they named it "Random Kak", it wasn't an understatement. I reckon I'll prob give this to Daddio to read and perhaps he'll enjoy it ... but it's not something I'd go out an buy for anyone I know

* This is one of my Featured Book Reviews, sponsored by Penguin Books.
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Monday, October 06, 2014


Shew, that was it. The last weekend before we jet off to Turkey ... 5 more working days. Squeal. I am finally excited. Well, probably more nervous. For some reason I feel like I'm forgetting something crucial. NO idea what tho. Flights are booked, paid for & printed. Tour is booked, deposit paid & internal flights printed. Visa has been downloaded, not paid (free) and printed. House sitter has been met and instructed. The Trucker is getting our cash this week and aside from a trip to Dischem to get some back-up toiletries & meds, I have no idea what I'm forgetting ...

Anyway, that's what's coming ... back to what's been. On Friday night, at 12 weeks, I caved and we went for an early sushi dinner at Cedar Square. It was amazeballs.

Then on Saturday I had a bit of a lazy morning. The Trucker was up early because we were hoping to finish the Patio this weekend ... unfortunately that didn't go quite as planned. After they attached the first panel of bamboo, we realised it would be too low and our windows couldn't open. So they decided to attach it differently (better imho) but that meant detaching every piece of bamboo and re-nailing them one-by-one. Needless to say at the end of the whole weekend of work, they had the gutters up (yay!) but only about half a metre of bamboo has been put up. Slow going. I think it's looking good tho :) The Trucker isn't completely convinced. I'll try remember to take a photo this afternoon for you.

So while he was doing that, I headed to Builders Warehouse for a dreadfully annoying experience (long boring story). And then I went to get my hair done. Not cut, although it probably needs it before summer! But just a wash & blow dry because on Saturday afternoon we had the Urban Jozi Photo Shoot I'd asked for, for my birthday (in April). We'd been putting it off during winter and then tried to book it asap once I found out I was pregnant ... but the guy The Trucker had arranged with was in Australia. So this was the last possible date we could do. I wanted to get it done before I get too fat/pregnant.

I was a bit nervous in the morning when @Jenty told me there was a festival in Joburg and that roads would be closed and that the graffiti under the bridge was hidden by construction ... and although The Trucker knows the photographer, I don't. He's the guy The Trucker did his photo course with (that I gave him for Xmas 2013). I wasn't so sure he'd be in the know as I think he does mostly weddings or corporate shoots, not lifestyle. (Sheesh but how big is that new Newtown Junction mall?! Haven't seen it since they began construction!)

But it turned out fine (well, I haven't seen any photos yet, but the experience in general). I think it was probably a little more "posed" than we were expecting, but we managed to find some graffiti and we got some at the Nelson Mandela bridge and some at Constitution Hill (which I'd never been to ... before April, I really must plan a day on the Joburg Red Bus!) and then, *then*, he talked his way into Randlords and we got dusk photos from the rooftop as all the lights were coming on in Joburg. I think that was my favourite and those are the photos I'm most excited to see! The Trucker has always wanted a Joburg skyline panoramic print for the house, and I am super duper hoping that we will be able to use one of these, with us in it. Can NOT wait to see how the photos came out :D

(In case you're wondering, we chose a Jozi Urban shoot because we knew we'd be moving to Cape Town when we had kiddies and The Trucker has lived in Joburg all his life and it's been a large part of my life and our whole life together so far ... so we specifically wanted that for the memories).

On Sunday The Trucker was up early again working on the patio while I did the grocery shopping and then I headed off to lunch with some of the #SCMDinner girls. Such a great afternoon :)

In the evening we watched The Giver. It was okay. I don't advise watching it too soon after Divergent. Seems to have similar threads of society falling apart and then the new order being to split and control everyone. But it was alright for Sunday night entertainment.

And that was our weekend ...

Friday, October 03, 2014

Dead Hunt by Beverly Connor

Clymene O'Riley is in prison for killing her husband-though Diane Fallon is sure she killed another, and suspects she may have left a veritable graveyard of dead men in her wake. Either way, Diane was happy to help put her behind bars. So when Clymene informs her that one of the prison guards may be in danger from a serial killer, Diane is suspicious. And when Clymene escapes from jail, Diane becomes the prime suspect in a bloody murder that puts her in the path of an angry killer who wants her dead...

Okay, I think this has been my absolute best book in the series so far. I mean, aside from the happens-every-time attack on Diane Fallon, which is getting beyond predictable and is well into the realm of ridiculous now.

Thursday, October 02, 2014

11 weeks, 6 days

Yoh, Yesterday I could NOT stop smiling. I forget anything else that happened in the intervening week.

I still feel like The. Most. Boring pregnant lady. Ever. Everyone still keeps checking in on me and asking how I am, how is baby doing. I'm fine. I assume the baby was fine. It's hard to tell, really. I began to feel bad (only a little) about feeling fine. Nothing I'd consider a craving. Nothing overly emotional. Still no morning sickness.

Honestly it all made me a little nervous in the build up to The First Gynae Appointment. Nothing obvious had happened to make me question if all was well and ticking along as it should inside ... but it also felt a little like nothing much had happened at all. Okay so I don't feel 100% normal. But I wouldn't say I feel pregnant either.

So I woke up with nervous butterflies yesterday morning. The Trucker was excited! And off we went.

Oh. My. Gosh. That was hands down, the Best. Day. Ever. The first scan left me feeling good but still not really connected to my pregnancy or the funny little peanut shape in the photos. It was just something that was happening to my (still feeling very distant) future, not really my present, if that makes any sense. But yesterday, yesterday there was a baby! I am having a Baby.

It looked human. And although the photo prints we got are pretty blurry and don't even hint at all the awesome amazing things we saw, I can still vividly see it all in my mind. It was an incredible experience.

So yes, it looked human. With a huge head and a little body. Happily bobbing back and forth in the small space it's been allocated. She showed us the spine. The Spine! And we saw all the little rib bones. And fingers. 5 finger bones on one of the hands! And the 2 forearm bones. See the aerial view below. The best of the scan pictures we got, showing the Baby's head and arm, upper body and umbilical cord.

The definition on the face was still too blurry, but you could definitely tell which was the front of the head. We even saw a leg as she made it wriggle around ... trying to get a better view of the nuchal translucency.

Which is all fine. 1.7 and apparently they only worry if it's over 3.5. I went for the blood test after my appointment tho, for the Downs probability. She doesn't sound at all worried, so that's also a relief. Not that I was really worried about that. But it is just one of the things, you know?

And we finally got to hear that most amazing sound, the heart beat! It is incredible. And then I laughed and ruined it. Haha. Had to stifle myself to listen, but it was just so much overwhelming happy emotion! Really, no one can describe it till you experience it for yourself. 162 beats per minute. Looking good :)

So yes. All in all an amazing incredible experience. And I presume the scans just get better and better from here! Oh, and she showed us the tiny stomach, which she said was full (someone must've just had breakfast - haha). And we're currently measuring head to rump at just over 5cm! (I forget the exact amount). Incredible. Still so tiny ... but so much detail!

I am too excited.

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