Friday, August 29, 2014


Shew. What a week ... if I thought the weekend was bad, well this week certainly upped the game :(

On the plus side tho, I'm feeling better. Went to the Doc on Monday afternoon and got some meds. On Tuesday and Wednesday I got to spend my work day in a Lego Serious Play workshop which was pretty freaking cool.

And then on Tuesday I headed out with some colleagues for another girl's Pizza & Wine night.

But then on Wednesday, things turned a corner. Someone at the office got diagnosed with German Measles (not great for me with the whole Project Get Pregnant thing). I'm not too worried since I did get re-vaccinated last year. But I still popped in to get an anti-body blood test done on my way home from work (the whole pesky contagious for 7-10days before you even realise you have it thing, makes me nervous about everyone else around me at work :/ )

The Trucker was also back at Olivedale ... he'd apparently been there since 14h30. Waiting to get a sonogram (or something?) done on his ankle. I was going to take him home, but he had to stay so I went home and walked Pepper ... and waited.

Eventually he said I could come fetch him at about 18h30, after he'd seen the Ortho. So, um. He's in a moon boot now. He's torn 2 of the 3 tendons on the outside of his ankle and another on the inside. His foot looks dreadfully bruised and is very swollen. And he can't fly for 6-8weeks.

Yes, that's right, we were supposed to be jet-setting to Turkey in 2 weeks. Urgh. So, I don't know yet what we're going to do. We have 2 possible dates we could bite the bullet, pay the change fee and move our trip to. BUT (and it's a big but), one of the dates is in 7 weeks ... so it's hard to commit and say right now if he'll be okay and ready to go then. And the other in at the end of November. But the weather will not be nearly as good as now and they don't offer the Blue Cruise part of our trip in winter.

So yeah. At this point, honestly, I think we might just cancel the whole thing and try and get as much cash back as possible ... health is a tricky thing to take a chance on. He's asked me if there's anyone else who can take his place, but honestly, I really wanted to go with him.

We do have Kruger in November with my folks to look forward to still ... anyway, to say it's been a little grumpy in our house since Wednesday would be an understatement. Not annoyed / angry at him, but obviously we both are with the situation.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Dead Past by Beverly Connor

As a child, Juliet Price witnessed the bloody slaying of an entire family. Then the killer chased her down, brutalized her, and left her for dead. The police were never able to find the man responsible. For years, Juliet's traumatized mind hid the events from her. Then she sees a television show featuring the unsolved cold case, and the horrors come to her in her nightmares. She shares her fears with Diane Fallon, who realizes that Juliet's shattered visions recall not one, but two intertwined crimes-crimes that Diane intends to uncover.

I enjoyed this book quite a lot, but I definitely found that it felt a little confused about which story it was actually trying to tell ... it was kinda like watching an episode of CSI, you know where half the team is solving one thing and the other half is solving another. So there's like a sub-plot that starts and ends up feeling like it was supposed to be the main plot. And that neither of the "mysteries / crimes" are focused on enough to tell the story properly.

While I am enjoying this series, none of them have had any serious plot twists, which would definitely tip the scales in their favour, instead of them just being nice easy "filler" reads.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My Horizontal Life by Chelsea Handler

In this raucous collection of true-life stories, actress and comedian Chelsea Handler recounts her time spent in the social trenches with that wild, strange, irresistible, and often gratifying beast: the one-night stand.

You've either done it or know someone who has: the one-night stand, the familiar outcome of a night spent at a bar, sometimes the sole payoff for your friend's irritating wedding, or the only relief from a disastrous vacation. Often embarrassing and uncomfortable, occasionally outlandish, but most times just a necessary and irresistible evil, the one-night stand is a social rite as old as sex itself and as common as a bar stool.

Enter Chelsea Handler. Gorgeous, sharp, and anything but shy, Chelsea loves men and lots of them. My Horizontal Life chronicles her romp through the different bedrooms of a variety of suitors, a no-holds-barred account of what can happen between a man and a sometimes very intoxicated, outgoing woman during one night of passion. From her short fling with a Vegas stripper to her even shorter dalliance with a well-endowed little person, from her uncomfortable tryst with a cruise ship performer to her misguided rebound with a man who likes to play leather dress-up, Chelsea recalls the highs and lows of her one-night stands with hilarious honesty. Encouraged by her motley collection of friends (aka: her partners in crime) but challenged by her family members (who at times find themselves a surprise part of the encounter), Chelsea hits bottom and bounces back, unafraid to share the gritty details. My Horizontal Life is one guilty pleasure you won't be ashamed to talk about in the morning.

Wow, this is one of the most boring books I've read in a while. I mean it's no where near the Fifty Shades level of not-worth-reading, but it's still definitely not worth reading. I didn't find it at all entertaining or funny, which is what I was hoping for. It was just boring. I don't recommend you bother reading this.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Worst in a While

Well, I reckon that might rank as our worst weekend in quite some time!

I got home from work on Friday to find The Trucker (and another guy he hired) working on our patio roof. I wasn't in the mood to do anything so I ended up watching a movie (That Awkward Moment) on the couch.

It was completely predictable and exactly what I was in the mood for :) It was pretty cool seeing the girl from Halt & Catch Fire in something else.

The evening didn't progress much from there, I think we both needed a quiet one on the couch. On Saturday, I had a bit of a lazy morning while he went to the Body Corporate meeting. We thought I would need to take Pepper to her new obedience class but it is now on a Sunday. So instead I took her for a walk and did our grocery shopping. The Trucker finished off the patio roof. It looks awesome!

We still need to put the wooden poles under the clear corrugated roofing and figure out what we're going to do on the floor ... but so far I'm thrilled :)

Unfortunately just before he could help finish the roof, The Trucker sprained his ankle. So the guy helping finished up and then I took dropped him off at home and took The Trucker to the Emergency Room.

They were pretty efficient but he left with his ankle in a sort-of cast and crutches ... as you can imagine, Saturday evening was also very relaxed.

On Sunday, I had to take Pepper to obedience training. On my own. At 8am. I did not get home a happy camper. It was freezing, my nose would not stop running, she had no idea what she was doing and would not calm down the entire class (I know, I know, she's missed 2 weeks). I was just pretty much miserable. So when I got home I hopped back in bed.

And that is pretty how our Sunday went. From bed to the couch and back to bed. Morning and afternoon naps. Me sick and miserable and The Trucker unable to move around too much. What a pair!

We watched Patch Adams as well this weekend. Weird realising that Robin Williams and Philip Seymour Hoffman are both dead now ...

Friday, August 22, 2014

Quietest Week

I know, blog. It's Friday. But it's been a quiet week ... Seriously. We haven't done a thing! (Boring, maybe, but much needed after our 2 weekends away) Well, except I did start Boot Camp again. And went swimming at the gym on the day I missed. Impressive? I think so.

Pepper got her fur cut again. Shewee it's so gorgeous! She's sooooo soft (will try get some photos this weekend). Shame, she wasn't well at the beginning of this week. All lethargic. We were a little worried it might be biliary, but The Trucker took her to the vet and she's fine :) Back to her normal self now.

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