Wednesday, September 17, 2014

9 September: 8 weeks, 4 days

So we had our first scan today! Baby's first photo. Not that it looks at all like a baby yet :/

But it has really given me a much needed peace of mind ... I dunno why I was so worried. I guess since I'm now 34, I've heard many stories of friends who've miscarried their first pregnancies ... and others who have struggled to even get pregnant for the first or second time. I guess it's about wanting something so bad and just being nervous.

But all is looking good. I know it's still not a 100% sure thing ... they do say wait till 12 weeks and all, but seeing it, not an empty sac (biggest worry!), has made a world of difference. It's real, it's there. It has a teeny heart beating a million times a second (okay, so not quite that much, but faster than ours nonetheless). We couldn't hear the heart yet (cause it was just an ultrasound tech, not a doctor, they said they won't do them till 12 weeks), but we sure could see the flashing little blip in the middle of the peanut / jellybean shape.

In case you're wondering looking at that very un-baby-like looking photo, the baby is the peanut shape at the bottom. The circle thing floating above it is apparently the yolk sac

It is nerve wracking, lying there, unable to see anything ... I spose when it's the very first scan they'd rather check things out first. But trying to measure The Trucker's or the tech's expressions ... eventually I burst and asked if everything was okay. Yip. All good :D

She measured the embryo/fetus (apparently that switch over is happening this week!) and everything is spot on (she has me as 1 day ahead: 8 weeks, 5 days ... which I doubt makes much of a difference in the grand scheme of things)

So today was probably the most exciting day since we first found out (shew, it's almost a month since then already!).

Haha, and did you notice that the baby is apparently the size of a green olive (2.54cm) this week? The Trucker is convinced (hopeful?) I'll start craving olives sometime during my pregnancy, because I HATE them. However, I am pretty sure there is nothing on earth that could make me want to eat an olive and that there is nothing in them that a baby could possibly need ... so I reckon I'm safe ;)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

5 September: 8 weeks

So, I now definitely have some symptoms to show for it! Luckily (and thankfully) still no true morning sickness. I mean I do get that starving hollow feeling, and feel marginally ill, but no vomiting at all as yet ... when the feeling hits, I just stuff a mini ginger biscuit in my face, drink some water and I seem to be okay :) Those mini ginger biscuits packets from Woolies & Spar are a life saver for preggie ladies, I expect :)

What I am experiencing tho, in abundance, is pregnancy fatigue. Seriously. It's unbelievable. The Trucker was always the napper in our family ... seriously the man will nap every afternoon available. I usually laze reading my book next to him, but I'd very rarely actually fall asleep during day time.

These days tho, I nap every weekend and have been falling asleep in front of the TV. And before he even comes to bed most nights ... because he's about 5mins later than me! He says it's like I have sleep apnea :/

You remember when he tore all those tendons in his ankle, I napped thru it. After yelling for me, the poor injured boy had to hobble all the way to our bedroom to wake me and tell me I needed to take him to the ER. Oops.

We went for dinner the other night, and I was falling asleep at the table, barely able to maintain conversation past 20h15! And to make things worse, because he's in the moonboot, I had to drive us home! I've told him there is no way I can drive after 8pm any more ... not cause I'll fall asleep at the wheel, I doubt that'd happen, but because I can't concentrate thru the exhaustion properly. I can't focus.

That's why I've been so bad at  Boot Camp, aside from being doubly exhausted from it, I usually only have enough energy to fall onto the couch or curl up and snooze when I get home from work in the afternoons. It's ridonkulous, it is completely surreal. I mean I'd heard about it before, but I NEVER understood! Prior to this, it sounds completely mad that you could be this exhausted by doing nothing. I apologise to any pregnant woman I doubted before. This is no joke.

Other than that, still pretty abstract. People are finding out as I chat to them and they notice I'm not drinking alcohol etc. Plus work has me scheduled on projects into my Maternity Leave next year :/ And everyone seems super excited ... I think they're a little disappointed that I'm not more excited.

Do not misunderstand. I am SUPER excited. Inside. It's not real yet. I know it, but I don't quite believe it. And I'm still terrified something could go wrong ... But, hopefully next week all that will change because we're going for our first scan!!

I know it might be a bit early, I've heard you can only hear the heartbeat from 9wks. We'll be 8.5wks then ... But my first gynae visit feels like miles away (we'll be 12wks I think) because of our Turkey trip, it was the first appointment I could get. And when our trip got cancelled, I did try to bring the appointment forward but by then she was fully booked. #sigh

OMG. I am nervous and excited and terrified and can NOT wait till Tuesday :)

Oh, and in case you were at all worried, my blood tests came back and I am immune to the German Measles, so that was a relief (although, mostly expected)

Monday, September 15, 2014


Shew. Feeling a bit low this morning. And I have a busy week ahead. I think work might be stressing me out a little lately.

But the weekend was good. Just, not enough ... as usual haha. On Friday I stayed late at work because there was a talk on Ancient Civilisations by a friend of mine. I'd sent her a link to the SCA Conference because I knew she'd find it interesting ... I did too, but only a few of the talks and it was quite pricey. And the talk she gave was based on things she'd heard there. It was fantastically interesting and I was amazed at how many placed I've been (Pyramids & Sphinx, Nazca Lines and Machu Picchu, Great Wall of China) and still want to go/see (Aurora Borealis & Rapa Nui) popped up - haha! And she told us all about an amazing place in Turkey that I won't get to ...

We had a quiet evening at home on Friday ... we were supposed to be on a plane to Istanbul :(

On Saturday, I went to meet @Arkwife and @Rubyletters at our usual, Papachinos, for brunch. So lovely seeing them again :)

After that I got home to find The Trucker and the gardener planting the new plants and adding more compost and lawn dressing. Looking awesome :)

And then at about 4pm we collected The Trucker's niece and headed off to visit him Mom in the Free State (and we took Pepper with us too). We got there after dark and had a relaxed evening.

Was surprised with our first gift for the baby by his mom, a bunch of clothes and a blanket (why is it called a receiving blanket? How is it different to a normal blanket?) and little booties. She'd even washed it all already! All very cute and a little frightening. Eep. The Trucker and I decided we weren't buying anything till I was 12 weeks (not too long now). Plus I guess it was a reminder of how everyone else gets involved. I know The Peeb has been knitting up a storm already ... but that's a little further away so less real. Now everyone seems to be waiting to hear if it's a girl or a boy before buying anything more ... shew. We don't even have anywhere to put the baby's new clothes yet ... the spare room is still full of unpacked boxes and tools :/

And then on Sunday morning we all headed to Bethlehem to visit his gran in frail care. We got home at about 5pm and did our grocery shopping.

I was not feeling great. I think, in future, I'm going to have to take some of the ASIC tablets I got (for when we fly since I won't be able to take Stugeron this time) when we drive long distances.

Early to bed. But unfortunately haven't slept well the last 2 nights :(

Friday, September 12, 2014

The Hitman's Guide to Housecleaning by Hallgrimur Helgason

With some 66 hits under his belt, Tomislav Bokšić, or Toxic, has a flawless record as hitman for the Croatian mafia in New York. That is, until he kills the wrong guy and is forced to flee the States, leaving behind the life he knows and loves. Suddenly, he finds himself on a plane hurtling toward Reykjavík, Iceland, disguised as an American televangelist named Father Friendly. With no means of escape from this island devoid of gun shops, this island with absolutely no tradition for contract killing, he is forced to come to terms with his bloody past and reevaluate his future, to tragicomic effect. The Hitman's Guide to Housecleaning is a story of mistaken identity, human destiny, and the forces of good and evil present within us all.

I thought this sounded like an interesting read ... but I was wrong. It was fairly tedious, really. I don't really know what the point of the story was. And I know not all stories need a point. But this one really did not grab me whatsoever. It was all so very blah. Time I'll never get back.

More Quiet

Shew Friday. I needed it. Work is a blur of a million different things at the moment. And home is nothing but relaxed. Seriously afternoon naps are the way to go. It's been so hot this week!

So yeah, we haven't done a thing. Well, I watched to movies this week ... How to Train Your Dragon 2 and The Fault in our Stars.

I enjoyed them both. I wasn't really sure where How to Train Your Dragon could really go after the first one ... but I guess they did a pretty good job. The only bizarro bit was the whole "mom" aspect ... am not sure what Mom would give up her baby to go look after animals and never look back. Even if they were dragons.

I loved The Fault in our Stars. I've heard people raving about the book, so was keen to see the movie. And it was just lovely. Sad, cute, funny and lovely. The Trucker came in from a Body Corp meeting half way thru and was less than impressed than me - haha.

What else ... there are a few more back-dated preggie posts for me to put up next week before I start blogging about that in my regular posts. Needless to say the highlight of this week was our first scan :D

I should be exercising more. Boot Camp this month was a total fail. I've just been too exhausted and then too hot this week. I was going to go swimming but then, I didn't. I have been walking Pepper daily still tho.

Oh, and see that funny Gypsy Cat pose? That's how she perches, waiting to play with Pepper at bedtime. Got a cute little video of them too :) Awe.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

25 August: 6 weeks, 3 days

So it's been just over a week since I last wrote. We've upgraded from an orange/apple seed (0.33cm) to a sweet pea to a blueberry (1.29cm). Hopefully.

Boy was I wrong if I thought trying to get pregnant was the worrying part of things ... I mean, I'm sure anyone trying deals with those thoughts. Where, you know, you've been trying NOT to get pregnant, your whole life so far, using contraceptives ... but you never really know if you actually can until you already have. It's stressful. And as each month passed by (I know, it was only 3), I made contingency plans. We'd go get checked after trying for 6 months, if we couldn't, we'd go straight to adoption and not pour money into IVF.

Then it happened :) That worry was over. But a whole new set of worries kicked in. And let me tell you, these are worse! Being 6 weeks pregnant is frustrating. Especially with barely any symptoms. I'm pretty sure I'm still pregnant (I haven't miscarried), but how do you know everything is A-okay in there? Now I'm worrying about everything I do ... will it affect this?

Is my bath water too hot, what was that shooting pain when I sneezed, can I eat that? And then there are symptoms I didn't even know were symptoms, until I googled them and found out I was perfectly normal ... what did women do before google? Is that what my runny nose is?

But yeah, aside from worry, I don't really feel pregnant at all. I carry a pack of mini-ginger biscuits around with me ... and I definitely need to get something into my stomach sooner than usual. But is that the start of morning sickness or just a reaction to having my new Preggie multi-vitamin after brushing my teeth? I do find that I go from zero to starving these days when dinner or lunch is late tho.

It's a weird place to be ... and this weekend I went to fill my usual scripts at Dischem. I'd asked (not my regular doctor cause he was off) the Doc last time I was there about my meds because we were trying and she said they were fine. Then this weekend the Pharmacist said no ways to my anti-histamine. At least last week I already scheduled an appointment with my GP this afternoon to discuss what I can and can't take etc. (particularly with our upcoming trip to Turkey) since my Gynae appointment is ages away!

After Doc update: So I can't take my anti-histamines. But I did get some meds for the virus making my nose run. And he checked my belly ... apparently he thinks I'm further along, more like 6-8wks based on how high he can feel my uterus above my pelvis (or something). It's very weird to me how variable this whole thing is. I mean we were trying so I know exactly when my last period started. And I was using the ovulation sticks (the 7-pack not the digital which is all they seem to show on their site) so I also know exactly when I was ovulating ... so I have no idea why this is such an inexact science or how I could be further along than that :/ In exciting news tho, he gave me a referral to go get an ultrasound before we go to Turkey. So at least we can hopefully see the baby and go on holiday knowing all is fine. Wonder if we'll be able to hear the heartbeat yet (it'll be in about 2 weeks). I hope so!

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