Wednesday, May 23, 2012

02 May: Luderitz to Kolmanskop to Keetmanshoop

We weren't up too early this morning, we didn't have far to go. We enjoyed a breakfast at the Guest House and then said goodbye to Luderitz and headed to Kolmanskop tour (which I'd booked in advance with Elena Travel Services).

I know, I've been to Kolmanskop before (lookit me repeating places with this boy ;) ) but, it's one of my all-time favourite places in Namibia and The Trucker had never been. It wasn't an option in my mind. We joined the 9:30am tour around the town and then spent a while wandering on our own taking plenty of gorgeous photos! Last time I went it was on about Day 3 of my 5-week long tour, so I was a little sensitive of how many photos I was taking and having enough space left on my memory card. This time I went wild! It was great fun :)

We also made a turn at the Garub Wild Horses afterwards on the drive to Keetmanshoop. As I said, we missed it yesterday afternoon, but the place has changed completely from how I remember it 8 years ago! But this time there were loads of horses (last time there were literally only 2) all around with plenty of young. We even saw a jackal.

The rest of the drive to Keetmanshoop was pretty uneventful, and we managed to get to the Quivertree Forest Rest Camp just at 4pm, in time for the cheetah feeding. It seems like there are a lot of tame-ish cheetahs living on farms in Namibia, because I got to touch cheetahs the last time I was there too. By the time the feeding was done, The Trucker & I were seriously debating our interest in setting up the tent ... especially when the maddest accommodation I've ever seen was on offer! They have 8 igloo bungalows available.

With that decision made, we headed off to wander thru the actual Quiver Tree Forest while the sun set. Gorgeous. Perfect timing :) Now, I dunno that it really qualifies as a good and proper "forest", but there were more quiver trees than I'd seen in one place before. There were also more dassies than I'd ever seen before! And cute baby ones and a mad one right in the middle of a thorn tree munching away and another one rolling around in the sandy path. They weren't terribly bothered by us, honestly. They reminding me of the bunnies, but with no ears - haha.

We braaied for ourselves after our walk (we'd made a quick stop at the Spar in Keetmanshoop) and then headed to bed. Probably our latest night in a while - haha!

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