Monday, June 24, 2013

Booked and Paid For!

Urgh. Still not 100% better. And I have 2 weeks until my operation ... which I assume I need to be healthy for before they put you under general anaesthetic. #sigh I was beginning to wonder this weekend if I would ever get better. This cough just won't quit. Although I do feel a little better today. Then I realised I left my cough mixture at home. Dammit. The Trucker reckons I should go to the doc. I think I can't keep going to the doc for these niggly things ... see, while I have been sick more often in the last 2 years, I am not used to being sick. So I just expect these things to sort themselves out. And I am used to only going to the doc when things seem super bad. Perhaps if the cough is still here tomor, I will go, that means it's been a week!

Anyway, the weekend was fairly quiet. I got home on Friday afternoon and started watching Eddie Izzard's Glorious dvd in anticipation for his show later in the evening. The Trucker isn't as much of a fan as I am. We headed thru to Sandton Convention Center and watched Force Majuere. I was a little nervous that I'd have a coughing fit every time I laughed - which, I did. But I survived.

I think I even enjoyed it more than the last show he did in Joburg. The dressage skit was brilliant. I wasn't as big a fan of Death Star Canteen 2.0 tho. It was a weird venue tho. There were about a billion people all on seats on a flat floor. At least the stage was pretty high, but we were definitely reliant on the big screens for his performance (and we were seated fairly centrally).

Anyhoo. Saturday morning I definitely needed a late morning snooze. Well, I slept later than usual and we stayed in our pj's till almost noon! We started booking our trip!

Yes, that's right, our trip is pretty much 100% booked and paid for now. We just need to find some accommodation in San Fransisco and book some little things (like tickets to Blue Man Group and The Lumineers!). I. Am. So. Excited. In fact, in 3 months from today, we'll be road-tripping from Los Angeles to San Fransisco in a Ford Mustang Convertible :D

CollegeInstructor popped past on Saturday for a visit. Haven't seen him in ages. And then in the evening we went to watch the rugby with some friend's of The Trucker's.

Sunday was another pretty lazy morning, The Trucker was up early for cricket tho. I got all our grocery shopping done and then we relaxed in the afternoon. Till we took a drive out to his stand ... where he is supposed to be building his house. Apparently there are a few people interested in buying it from him. Interesting times. I reckon he should sell, since we'll never end up living there - it's just too far away.

We made nacho's for dinner. And yes, that is a photo of GypsyCat in the bunny hutch. Crazy thing.

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Louisa said...

Yay for upcoming trips and holidays being booked and paid for already.

Sorry to hear you're still sick though. We're having great success on Scott's Emulsion this winter (so far). Doesn't help for coughing, but it could give you a boost to get over it somehow?

That photo of Gypsy is so cute!

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