Monday, March 25, 2013


Wow, the weekend just fly by! But boy am I grateful for all these public holidays making the weeks just a little shorter :) It's another 4 day week, baby!

Anyway, the weekend. We signed the lease for the place we found on Friday :) But after all that excitement, we're still not quite sure what's happening. On Saturday The Trucker got a call saying they had another offer for R500 more a month. R500 more a month would still be fine with us, it's still below what we were looking at. But The Trucker feels like they are trying to hussle us ... legally apparently we have the right of first refusal because our offer was signed first. So The Trucker has told them, we don't mind paying the extra R500 monthly to seal the deal, but first he wants to actually see the other signed lease. Apparently some agents try to (illegally) pretend there is a higher offer to get you to increase your bid (on sales or rentals) so asking for proof is the smart thing to do. Neither lease is final till the owner signs it too. So we sit in limbo. Hopefully we find out later today, and hopefully the place is still ours.

Anyway, on Friday afternoon, we popped past the vet with all 3 animals in tow ... getting all their nails clipped before they get to meet each other up close. Don't want any scratching if I can help it!

And then in the evening, we went to see our second Cirque production together, Dralion (this was one of the things I was going to be really sad about missing with him when we broke up ... thank goodness I got to enjoy it with him instead!).

We had a quick dinner at Mugg & Bean beforehand ... there really aren't too many options at Northgate and the show was at The Dome (like last time). Meh, it really is a sucky venue. But I will admit it was a vast improvement on last time! They had big black cloth walls enclosing the space, which led to a much better experience. We had great seats again and both agreed this was a far better show than Saltimbanco. Seriously, it's still showing in Joburg so if you can, I'd highly recommend going to see it :) It was quite beautiful!

On Saturday we got our admin out of the way in the morning, The Trucker had to work and I went and did our grocery shopping and got some bank statements for my US Visa Application interview (which is happening later this week - eep!). I'm sure it'll be a mere formality, but I plan on taking as much back-up documentation as I can. Am still a little nervous tho, as with all Visa applications.

In the afternoon, we headed to SA on Tap where @WhizBangLouLou was having her 2nd birthday get together (we'd missed dinner with her on Friday because of Cirque). I was excited because, although I don't really drink beer (in South Africa), I have found a few craft beers I like who were all going to be there. And I absolutely loved how they did it. Everyone gets a glass on entry and you use tokens to either get a taster (1 token), a half glass (3 tokens) or a full glass (5 tokens). And tokens were R5 each. Perfect for me and for tasting a variety of things. Clever!

So I started off trying Everson's Pink Lady (just a taster). It wasn't too bad, but I think I'll stick with their Apple Cider instead. After that we headed to Black Horse where I was hoping for a Stallion, but they weren't serving it so had a Ginger Beer instead (not sure if it was alcoholic or not). And then I had some of the Darling Brew Bone Crusher ... which I already knew I liked, it has a bit of a sasparilla flavour, if you ask me. And then I ended off our afternoon with a good old Everson's Apple Cider (we also bought a 4-pack to take home with us).

After that we headed to Gilroy's for a friend of The Trucker's 30th where we had something to eat and then headed home for a lazy evening in front of the TV. We tried a few movies, but I couldn't get into any of them: The Hobbit, Lawless and Alex Cross.

Sunday was a very early, lazy morning ... for me. The Trucker slept till at least 9. I was up from 6:15am with the kitten. And I made our first attempt at a little closer interaction ... using the same method I had with introducing Coal and Rex to the older bunnies. It seemed to go quite nicely. Rex definitely seems more interested in the kitten than Lily who keeps a bit more distance.

I finished my book, I watched some Vampire Diaries ... and when The Trucker woke we continued our lazy morning with coffee and rusks on the couch :) Was quite nice really.

After we both showered, I took him out to Something Country for lunch. I'd heard about it a couple of months ago from the girls who own Bleached (run from the same property), so thought it'd make a nice weekend outing. It was a lovely day for sitting outside in the shade enjoying some yummy food! Next time we're thinking of a bike-run we'll have to remember this place. And we took a wander to the Bleached showroom. Man their stuff is gorgeous! Saw a Plasma unit we both quite liked ... so maybe once we're all moved in and can see what we still need (I don't think either of us really has a decent TV cabinet) mebbe we'll go have another look :)

Then The Trucker went to work some more and I settled in for a lazy afternoon on the couch with the kitten. Seriously tho, she is such a Daddy's girl ... haha.

In the afternoon when he got home, we let Gypsy and the bunnies all run free in the garden. I use the term run loosely ... while there was a mad dash of scattering by Rex & Lily when the kitten first jumped down from the veranda onto the grass at their level, there wasn't a lot of running after that. There was a lot of very slow movements and sitting still eyeing each other. Rex & Gypsy were quite lovely together, they even sat and relaxed within centimetres of each other. And even Lily did have some moments of curiosity and relaxedness around Gypsy (keep in mind we didn't let them out together for too long ... maybe 15mins). But Gypsy was still going into stealth, stalker mode. I think she just wants to play with them ... but you can see how that might a) be a problem and b) terrify the bunnies. So we took her inside and left them to relax and recover outside. Not too shabby for week 1, I'd say?

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Louisa said...

Looks like the bunny-kitty bonding is going pretty well - yay!

I have serious circus envy. I really wanted to go see that, but the tickets are a bit steep to drag my whole family out for it. Oh well, maybe next time. *shrug*

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