Monday, January 30, 2012

Still Good

Wow, can I reiterate again what a difference 7 days makes :) Still in an awesome mood after a lovely weekend.

On Friday night I took The Trucker on a date night ... all secret and stuff like he does for me. Haha. It is less exciting because he puts up less of a fuss about having no idea where we're going ;) But he loved the new little restaurant we tried. I took him to Dukes Burgers in Greenside. I'd never been either.

Well, the service was non-existant. Seriously, thruout the evening and the place was busy, but I hardly think that's an excuse based on how many staff they had working. We waited around at the entrance for a while to be seated and eventually gave up and just went to find the table reserved with my name. Then we had to eventually stop a passing waitress to ask for menus (after watching all of them congregating around the bar area for the entire time we'd been waiting). At one point in the evening, after having ordered a 2nd round of drinks from our waitress when she brought our meals, The Trucker just went to the bar and got our drinks himself because they just never arrived ... and when she brought our bill she couldn't remember how many drinks we'd had.

So, aside from their horrendous service ( and on your busiest evenings, it should be jacked up, really, I feel), the food was good and their menu is quite amazing, it was hard to choose from so many options :) I had an ostrich burger (with brie and something, I forget) and The Trucker stuck with a beef burger with 3 cheeses. I think we'd go back ... during the week.

On Saturday we had a quick breakfast and then headed out to Reitz for the night to visit The Trucker's mom ... who's birthday is today. Highlight of the day was that we finally got to visit the wolves! Basically there is a farm there that looks after wolves and wolf-hybrids. We got to go into the enclosures and pet them and even played with 2 cubs they had that were a few months old. So so cute!

On Sunday we went for breakfast at a little restaurant run by the same guy and then after a nap we drove home. It was a very relaxing weekend :) And in very exciting news, planning for my birthday-holiday is coming together really nicely! Yay.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Loved Up

Well, in a total reversal of last week, this week I have been in an awesome mood and having a fabulous week! Haha. Happens like that, I guess.

The Trucker & I are definitely still riding the high of our get-back-together :) *gush* I do rather adore this boy, he can be so sweet to me. Am feeling very loved up right now. And so excited planning Mom & Peeb's weekend up here in Feb and a week in CT with The Trucker in March for The Peeb's wedding.

On Tuesday afternoon I went and got my eye-test done. I haven't had an eye test in probably at least 4 years ... And apparently I'm about as close to 20/20 as I can get (without actually still having 100% perfect vision). Basically my one eye is a 0.125 (or something) and their measurements only start from 0.25 ... so I could barely notice the difference between the two. So there is no need for any prescriptions or anything yet. All good news, as far as I'm concerned. But it was 16h30 and I think my eyes were tired after a day in front of the computer screen ... the best time of day for an eye test, according to the optometrist. Anyhoo, will have to remember to add that to my annual list of things to get done.

I also got a few photo's printed ... because on Wednesday I carted off my giant Microwave box of 34 frames to the guy who is going to be doing all the mountings. I am so so so excited. I can't wait to get the photo's all mounted in their frames and get them all hung on my wall. Can. Not. Wait. Should be getting them back next Friday :) This has been such a long time coming ... sheesh, two & a half years!

On Tuesday evening I went to Simply Asia for dinner with @nadia_ass. Less impressive that I was hoping for ... I forget that their normal food is not my favourite sort of Thai (wow, must go back to Cranks soon!) - usually I go for their spicy prawn soup, which I *love*. So the food was a mere distraction for the evening which was spent in deep conversation catching up on each others lives :)

Last night I was tired and spent a quiet evening in front of the tv. But, the Trucker came over after dinner with @Toxic_Mouse :)


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Second Attempt

Righto, and life continues along it's bizarre path ... last night The Trucker did, in fact, come over. I know, weirdest break up ever, right?

The truth is we're no longer broken up.

He came over, I made dinner, we chatted some more without the TV on ... I think this is actually an awesome new trick I plan to employ. Somehow you'd think that surely when you go out for dinner you'd talk and chat and catch-up face-to-face properly ... and I guess sometimes you do and sometimes you've spent so much time with someone recently that it's nice to just sit quietly (or you can just make up new stuff to chat about, but that can go either way, honestly). But I think what we skipped was the sitting around at home chatting. It's nice to have found it again because I don't think we've done much other than that since Friday evening.

We discussed our days, we've always been very good at that. And actually there is some very promising news on his work-front. Not that I think it'll free up much of his time necessarily, but rather that it'll put him in less of a blue mood. So fingers crossed about all that :) And then I said to him, it's almost like we didn't actually break up.

And so started the discussion around where to from here. Honestly his time isn't that much of a problem for me ... I'm quite used to boys who work late (anyone know one who doesn't?) and are pretty single-mindedly focused on work. All I need is to know what's going on, really. I like to be organised and know what's planned and what to expect. I don't think it's going to be easy. I'm hoping we can keep the upfront honesty going about how we feel and what we want and what works and what doesn't. Who knows.

It was remarkably easy to switch right back (and that's not to say we didn't both think this break-up was for real, we returned all our stuff, we made other plans), although I think we're both a little tentative to see how things go and to take it easy and not put any undue pressure on the situation. But it was really nice and my heart is much lighter this morning :)

Monday, January 23, 2012


So last week was a quiet one on the blog, I know. I just didn't feel up for writing about things when I had no idea what was going on. The Trucker and I didn't speak for 4 days. I think it started out as a little space after annoying each other on Monday evening. Sometimes that's what one needs. But it spiraled out of control and we didn't speak again properly till Friday evening, when we broke up.

Yes, we broke up. I knew from Wednesday that things could go either way. Obviously I was hoping they wouldn't go that way, but I think I had prepared myself for the possibility. I'm sad but calm and matter-of-fact, honestly.

In fact so much has happened since then on Friday I actually no longer have any idea what is going on anymore. We had the most amazing and openly honest conversation I think we've ever had since we started dating ... The one thing I have learnt is that you are a lot more honest with someone when they're your friend than when you're dating them because you can hurt them ... it's a problem, I think.

So, with nothing left to lose, I asked all the questions that had been knawing in my brain and driving me crazy .. like all about the ex-girlf who works across the corridor from him, who lives 4 doors away and who's house keys he has. I got answers that I honestly didn't expect (I thought she was still a part of his life because of that, but she's not and he returned her house keys, which he still had to feed the dogs, months ago). After hours of talking, I actually thought things could've gone either way. But we're still broken up.

He just simply doesn't seem to have the time for a relationship. Well, for the sort I want. He's in a situation in his life where even if he wanted me to be a priority, I can't be ... because he has so many  inescapable obligations and responsibilities (3 companies and supporting his sister & 9yr old niece) that can't be the things to give when they start making demands ... but I can. Because of those things, he has a lot less control over his life and his time than he wants, which often puts him in grumpy and miserable moods ... in fact the days that went well are so few and far between I can barely remember them. Things were quite awesome in November & December when work quietened down. But that is far from the majority of the time.

So that is how we left things on Friday evening. But I saw him for lunch on Saturday (was supposed to be breakfast but he was on the road at 06:30 dealing with Truck issues both weekend mornings ... kinda highlighting the point above). He came over on Sunday evening, bringing me dinner because I had no power and we sat in candle light eating and talking more. Eventually the power came back on and he mounted my elephant coat rack to the wall (which was why he was originally coming over). He left when one of his other obligations (software they've written that went down on Sunday afternoon) needed his attention. We've returned all the stuff we had at each other's houses. And when he left last night he talked about seeing me again this evening ...

It's very weird, I won't lie. It's like it's almost the same, but not. I don't have any idea where to from here. I like him. No, I adore him. I even think after all our honest chatting this weekend that he likes me more than I gave him credit for or could believe before this. We just seem to need different things right now. I am the person with space and time, who can keep myself busy if I need to, but I will shuffle my life around to accommodate my relationship. I suspect he is the sort of busy person who needs someone who is equally busy with their own life where you catch up in the quiet time. Unfortunately he has no quiet time these days ...

I did keep myself busy this weekend tho ... it's hard for me tho, cause obviously if we were still dating I would've wanted to be seeing him. But since we'd broken up, it made it easier for me to have no expectations of that. But I worry that'll mean we end up seeing each other again but on his terms, in a way that suits him but isn't what I want from a relationship. I don't know, it's early days, but that's definitely something I'm acutely aware of. More of a problem seems to be that he doesn't know what he wants. From life or me or an relationship in general or really anything at the moment.

So, the other weekend stuff included a fair amount of retail therapy. I bought that piece of furniture I found online last weekend. And I love it. It's a wine rack from River Woods (I got the wide individual) and it is absolutely perfect for the area it's in (on a diagonal wall, under my newly mounted elephant coat rack). Seriously it is perfect. Then next item on my list was the Scroll Day Bed from Mr Price Home. I've been eyeing it for a while for my spare room - I didn't want a plain old single bed in there because I didn't want it to feel like a guest bedroom, since it'll probably only get used about 6 nights of a year (and that'd be a lot!). So I thought this would be more practical for future potential. I plan to get a high-density foam mattress for it and pile it high with cushions :)

Sheesh, but what a hassle. I had originally seen it at the window at Mr Price Northgate. But they didn't have stock when I asked, but Clearwater did. So on Saturday morning I phoned them, to discover they had no stock. But I could place an order, which should arrive in 2-3weeks. In which case, I figured I'd rather not schlep all the way there but order it straight from Northgate. Who, it turned out, magically actually had stock :)

So, after checking if it would fit in my little c2 (omw it did, sticking out the boot, but still!), I bought it and took it home. I managed to get it out of my car and into my house. I cleared out tall the clutter in the spare room and went about opening the day bed. Only to discover 2 sides were bent. So I tried to get it back into it's packaging, I managed to get it out side again, but I could NOT get it back into my car on my own. Queue total single-girl meltdown including tears. This, this is what I hate about being single. There are simply some things you can't do on your own and you need another person for. Yes, you can ask a friend, but I hate doing that. But I had no choice. The Trucker, who I know would still help if I needed it, was busy off dealing with Trucks and I was determined to do this without him. So I phoned TheBrad, who lives really nearby now, and even tho I woke him, he came over and helped me with it all. We took it back to Northgate and they (again, magically), had another item in stock, so we checked it in store and took it back home again and got it all assembled in my spare room (yes, assembly even required 2 people ... #sigh). Success.

In the evening, I went for sushi with @samanthaperry and on Sunday I headed to the Chinese New Year thing at the Nanhua Buddhist Temple in Bronkhorstspruit with @jarredcinman and some other friends. It was pretty cool, absolute chaos of crowds tho. Some yummy food :) I didn't stay that long, I wasn't really in the right frame of mind for it. Afterwards I popped in at Rosebank to get the name of a guy who can apparently do my photo mountings for my photo wall - I really want that done before Mom & The Peeb come visit in February :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Another Surprise Date Night

Wow, I really seem to have lost my blogging mojo. Just so not interested right now ...

The weekend was pretty good. Surprise Date Night on Friday was the Planetarium. The Trucker took his 9yr old niece and I and it was awesome. I probably last went back in primary school in Cape Town. Such a fun offbeat idea for an evening out :) Although I do kinda wish they'd kept the lights out and just let us sit and watch the stars moving over time for about 15mins at the end. That would've been awesome. I'm not that interested in the astronomy stuff. And I really do struggle to see how on earth they made up the constellations!! But I am now very keen for the clouds to clear in the evening so that we can use the star chart to spot the stars & planets (Jupiter is in our sky at the moment) that were mentioned. Probably the most entertaining part of the evening for me tho was listening to The Trucker's niece telling her mom the stories when we got home.

On Saturday morning we woke up late and The Trucker made breakfast. He's been promising me his Orange Juice French Toast for months now ... I was skeptical, and I doubt it'll become a favourite, but it wasn't too bad ;) Haha. And then we went to do some shopping ... and I figured out exactly what I need for the one wall in my lounge ... and even better, on Sunday I found the perfect thing online :) Going to go check it out in real life next weekend! Sigh, since I organised my lounge, it seems like I just need more furniture. Haha.

Anyway, the weather was weird on Saturday and we just spent the rest of the afternoon & evening relaxing. We tried to watch a movie, but Thor crashed about half an hour in :P Then we struggled to find something else we wanted to watch and ended up watching Scre4m. Which was a waste of time, but that's sometimes the way it goes with what you leave to watch on small screen :P

On Sunday I had @tfrayne and @zoosev coming over for brunch which was awesome :) After that, The Trucker got his Buell working and he came to pick me up and we went to a friend of his for a birthday braai and the most delish burgers I've had in a while! We went for a walk at Golden Harvest after that.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Back to the Normal

Haven't been in the mood for blogging ... my blue mood only drifted off yesterday. But now things are sun-shiney again :)

Monday I went for my personal trainer assessment. Yes, I am finally in the right mindset to do something about the fact that I don't have a clue about what to do at gym to actually be useful to me. It's expensive (i won't lie), which is why I think the mindset is so important. I'm in this now for 3months, I've decided. And based on the results we'll see what happens after that. The assessment wasn't too bad, since I had no measurements to compare things with. It was hard trying to find a trainer tho who had free time at my available slots (I am very particular about when I'm available), I ended up actually having to relocate my gym membership to a different club.

So anyway, I had my first session last night. I'm a little stiff this morn, and I didn't die ;) haha. I did get quite light-headed tho, which should be solved by eating something closer to when I train. So I am kitted out at work today with all sorts of little snacks to keep my metabolism up between meals.

I suspect this is going to be an interesting experiment ....

In other news, SCM started back up on Tuesday evening and even that is heading towards the healthy. We're going to try eating as close to 7pm as possible (to give us longer to digest before bed) and then do our sitting around chatting after. At the moment we usually end up eating anytime between 8 & 8:30pm.

The Trucker, luckily, also has a personal trainer (he has for about a year now I think) and he is back in the "be more active, eat healthier" frame of mind :) So I think I've got it covered ... Mom wants to do a 5kg challenge before The Peeb's wedding at the end of March. That would be awesome!

So The Trucker came over last night and cooked me dinner (such a lovely boy this, I adore him). And he hung my new paraffin lanterns, I got fire-engine red ones to hang on either side of the fireplace on the verandah (will take a daylight photo later for you). So we sat outside on my bench, chatting by lantern-light last night after dinner. Lovely.

And I have even come up with a potential idea for my bday. Now if you've been reading a while, I usually pretty much ignore my bday because it is around those April/May public holidays so people are usually away, enjoying a long weekend. So actually having a plan in January is super unlike me - haha. What I'm thinking of doing is a 4-day Orange River Trip with Felix Unite and just telling all my friends to come along if they want to. See, this is something I've been wanting to do since before I even moved up to Joburg! So yeah. The Trucker & I are keen, so at very least I think it could be just the 2 of us ... and then I'm sure one or two other people might be keen to join us :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts

In 1978, gifted student and writer Greg Roberts turned to heroin when his marriage collapsed, feeding his addiction with a string of robberies. Caught and convicted, he was given a nineteen-year sentence. After two years, he escaped from a maximum- security prison, spending the next ten years on the run as Australia's most wanted man. Hiding in Bombay, he established a medical clinic for slum- dwellers, worked in the Bollywood film industry and served time in the notorious Arthur Road prison. He was recruited by one of the most charismatic branches of the Bombay mafia for whom he worked as a forger, counterfeiter, and smuggler, and fought alongside a unit of mujaheddin guerrilla fighters in Afghanistan. His debut novel, SHANTARAM, is based on this ten-year period of his life in Bombay. The result is an epic tale of slums and five-star hotels, romantic love and prison torture, mafia gang wars and Bollywood films. A gripping adventure story, SHANTARAM is also a superbly written meditation on good and evil and an authentic evocation of Bombay life.

Yes, I finally read it ... and I finally finished it. Although since I took less than a month, I think I read it faster than most people I know. Haha. I figured it was the perfect book to tide me over lazy holiday reading and flights to Cape Town. I was right. I'll admit I wasn't all that interested in reading this initially. But slowly everyone I knew had read it and everyone raved about it. So why not. No matter how daunting the 933 pages may seem. Well, I won't say they flew past, but it didn't feel as tho the story ever dragged. In fact it was rather an epic whirlwind of storytelling ... after I got past my initial impression of it's Lord-of-the-Rings descriptive style (I couldn't read any of the LOTR books because I can't sit around still reading while you take 4 pages to describe one tree :P).

I've now looked the author up on Wikipedia, because I am sort of fascinated with what exactly happened to him after this ... I mean here's a book where he confesses to an awful lot of criminal activity, and there is his escape from Australian prison ... so how is it he is a free man now? Sadly it's not especially well explained. Anyhoo. Take the time, read this book.

Monday, January 09, 2012


Wow. So not in the mood for blogging this morning. Actually, it's been a bit of a weird mood weekend, generally. And I had serious Sunday Blues last night :( I know I've been back at work for 4 days already ... so it wasn't really a back-to-work thing, but it kinda was. I dunno, I just felt terrified for the future. Do you ever have that. Where you think, damn, I'm an adult and I'm responsible for all this stuff and it's just scary and you wonder how on earth everyone does this. I'm guessing the general weird mood weekend was to blame. But it still hasn't worn off yet this morning ... I kinda just want to go hide somewhere.

So, last week was pretty quiet, The Trucker worked late most nights but we always saw each other. On Friday evening we went to Cafe Mexicho with some friends and it was awesome, love that place!

On Saturday we went and had breakfast at the new Vovo Telo in Cresta and did some browsing around the shops. He's in need of a new cell phone and I need some new books ... and a bunch of new furniture now that I have rearranged my lounge into the configuration I expect it'll stay. #sigh this is going to be an expensive year and it's kinda terrifying me in the background ...

So after a longer than expected stop and a bunch of shops where we were just browsing around, we headed home for a bit. I wanted to do something cool in the afternoon. I dunno, I feel like all we do is watch Series, go out for dinner and go to movies. I want to do other stuff. I don't exactly know what, but offbeat things. Any ideas for things to do on Joburg weekend afternoons?

What ended up happening was we were both in weird moods (this in-sync weird mood behaviour has only happened once before, but it is not good :( ). We napped and snapped at each other and so watched more tv because neither of us knew what we felt like doing and talking to each other was just not constructive in these moods. It was not a great afternoon really. And it has kinda stuck with me. Although I think we woke up in better moods on Sunday, I don't really feel settled and back to normal again ... I'm weird like that. It takes me a while.

On Sunday we headed to Golden Harvest for a walk before breakfast and then I had my great-aunt & -uncle coming over for lunch. It was lovely to see them again :)

And that was about my entire day. As I said, it was a weird weekend. Hopefully things get back to normal over the course of today.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Inside Coca Cola by Neville Isdell

Neville Isdell was a key player at Coca-Cola for more than 30 years, retiring in 2009 as CEO after regilding the tarnished brand image of the world's leading soft-drink company. This first book by a Coca-Cola CEO tells an extraordinary personal and professional worldwide story, ranging from Northern Ireland to South Africa to Australia, the Philippines, Russia, Germany, India, South Africa, and Turkey. Isdell helped put out huge public relations fires (India and Turkey), opened markets(Russia, Eastern Europe, Philippines and Africa), championed Muhtar Kent, the current Turkish-American CEO, all while living the ideal of corporate responsibility. Isdell's, and Coke's, story is newsy without being gossipy, principled without being preachy. It is filled with stories and lessons appealing to anybody who has ever taken "the pause that refreshes." It is also a readable and important look at how companies can market and govern themselves more-ethically and to great success.

I really enjoyed this book. I'm sure it had plenty to do with the time spent in South Africa, making it quite fascinating, I thought. I mean I never really considered that a business man working here could end up playing on such a global stage for such a well-known brand (although he is not actually a South African, but still). If you like non-fiction life-stories, I'd highly recommend this one.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Hello New Year

Sheesh, the Xmas break just flew by. And here I am sitting back at work. Not too many people here with me yet tho. Smart people. Or not, I definitely prefer to save my leave days for other times of the year (speaking of which, The Trucker and I are discussing Vietnam for this year!).

So, what have I been up to? I flew down to CT on Friday 23rd.We got to leave work pretty early and I managed to squeeze in a lunch with The Trucker and his sister before I had to pack and fly too :)

Spent Friday night at Dad's, catching up and watching the Russell Peter's Green Card Tour. On Saturday morning I headed to Mom's and entertained Finny&Jax (the kittens - who are too lovely) while she got things ready for our trip to the Beach Cottage. And then it was off down to the sea! The Peeb and Doc were already there and we all stayed till Monday. The weather was pretty awesome and we swam about twice a day (unheard of usually! But the water was wonderful).

Xmas was a day-long celebration with the extended family, lots of gifts and more than enough food! Everyone loved the Macaroon calendars I'd had printed ;) Monday was spent mostly just relaxing, and Mom took me back to Dad's in the evening (oh the traffic!!). Dad & I popped out for a quick dinner at Rock and then on Tuesday it was off to Montagu to see some of Dad's side of the family who have just moved out there and opened an art gallery :)

We stayed overnight and wandered the town in between plenty of reading and, of course, the cryptic crossword - haha. We ate dinner at Ye Olde Tavern, which was delish :) On Wednesday afternoon we headed home and Dad made us crayfish for dinner!

I'd dedicated Thursday and Friday to catching up with friends but things didn't go quite to plan. The original plan for Thursday was to have breakfast with the Grandgirls (which got moved to Friday), meet up with Jam in the afternoon (she had lots of news having moved up her wedding to Christmas Eve now that she is pregnant! But she wasn't feeling well, so that got postponed as well). And The Divine Miss M and I had intended to go to Beefcakes for their Drag Night ... but we hadn't booked so had to make another plan. So, pretty much none of what was planned for Thursday ended up happening :P

Instead, I had coffee with Interviewing For a Husband (delish Pineapple and Ginger Juice at Tasha's - which I normally hate going to). In a bizarre twist of fate, her life is repeating itself yet again - haha. It's actually quite surreal. Just before she has to leave the country for work (supposed to be for 3 years this time!), she meets a man she actually sees a future with. So, we had lots to catch up on.

After Jam cancelled, I called up @jarredcinman to see what he was up to. He was headed to Silvermine for the afternoon. I hadn't been since before I moved to Joburg - The Lying Pilot and I used to go often. So I met up with them there and we even swam in the Dam ... it looked freezing, but it was awesome! So much swimming this year!

And then I headed to The Divine Miss M's to see what our back up dinner plan was ... We started at Fat Cactus for margarita's and chili poppers and then headed to Miller's Thumb for dinner & dessert. She had a divine chili chocolate steak. I had an acceptable Tuna.

On Friday I had breakfast with the Grandgirls at Lazari's. What delish croissant french toast! And then, I was hoping to see Jam, but she didn't have any time before she was headed off for the long weekend. Such a pity :(

Instead I hung out with Dad for a while and then headed back to the Beach Cottage for the afternoon (was considering one last swim, but the tides were wrong and the wind had come up). Instead I played with the kits and hung out chatting with Mom. We then headed to Satori for dinner. I had some pasta and Mom had a pizza she raved about.

And that was my Cape Town break. I flew back to Joburg, and The Trucker, on Saturday morning. Oh it was so lovely to see him again :) We went shopping first thing and organised our New Years Eve (nothing like last minute - haha). And then headed back to my house so I could unpack and what not. And while I'd been away, he'd put up my lounge curtains, replaced my fan cord (I was worried about it because the bunnies had chewed thru the wiring back when I lived with Varen) and put a switch on my bed lights so I didn't have to keep plugging & unplugging them. On top of that he spent an amazing amount of time spoiling the bunnies with run-around time while I was away. I am still feeling very spoilt :)

And then it was off to The Trucker's house for our New Years Eve braai with his sister, @Toxic_Mouse and @zoosev & her hubby. We had a lovely evening and saw in the New Year quite quietly ... or we would've except for the billion fireworks going off around us! Sheesh. It was madness. Am not a fan.

We had a lovely first day of 2012 too. A lazy morning. Breakfast at Chocolat Cafe. And then a double feature at the movies :)

We started with the new Sherlock Holmes. I quite enjoyed it. But I still dunno why they bothered with the Sherlock Holmes aspect of it. Not that I know the Sherlock Holmes stories well, but it doesn't feel Sherlock Holmes-y to me. And it's not one of my favourite Robert Downey characters either. But yeah, generally good fun.

And then, because there were only about 4 people in the cinema, we followed that up with the new Mission Impossible.

I actually preferred this (The Trucker preferred Sherlock Holmes). It was pure escapism. I didn't really find it twisty & turny either, although I could tell they were going for that. Would kinda like to see the first one again now too tho. Curious to see if Tom Cruise has aged at all :P Haha.

And then it was home for a relaxing evening, with no more TV! Haha. But, we took a nice walk instead :)

Yesterday, The Trucker had some work to do so I only saw him in the evening. But I had plenty of admin to get done. And just generally settle back in at home. I got the last 2 curtains I needed for the lounge (didn't want to buy them till I knew if I need 1 more or 2 more). Did a big grocery shop - The Trucker came over for dinner and I made delish gourmet burgers and berries with frozen yogurt. And then after relaxing over midday (it was too hot to do the gardening I had planned), I did get stuck into my garden. Mowed & trimmed the lawn (can't believe how fast it grows!), cleaned the bunny hutch and went and got some new plants from Lifestyle and got them planted too. Also took out a whole lavendar bush. I was exhausted by the time The Trucker came over.

So yeah, so far it's been a good year :P Sadly that has now been ruined by having to come into work again. At least the traffic was still quiet and there aren't that many people here yet, so it's a slow adjustment.

I don't have any specific wishes for 2012. Just wanna get my house sorted (need a new kitchen!). But yeah, other than that ... more of the same. 2011 ended really well :)

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