Thursday, February 04, 2010

The Izzard Report Back

So on Tuesday afternoon @clairam came round to see my new place after work and then we headed off to The Bowling Club at Zoo Lake for a pre-Eddie Izzard dinner and drink.

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Was pretty cool since I've never been there properly before (only in November when we were actually there to play bowls ... which some might argue is a more proper reason to be there actually ;) haha). Is unbelievable how cheap the food is, we each paid R27.50 for our dinner and under R10 a drink. And the food definitely hit the spot.

And then it was off to The Civic. I was quite surprised (and a little worried) when we arrived and there wasn't a single mention of Mr Izzard's performance. The only thing they seemed to be advertising was four-six-six-six-four. I really did have a moment of panic wondering if we were at the right place! We had another drink there while we waited for @tfrayne and Maroon to arrive and then headed into our seats when the bell rang.

Oh my word, you could feel the excitement in the air :) And add to that the fact that we were sitting behind John Vlismas, Trevor Noah and Chris Forrest (oh, and we saw Alex Jay there too), and you must know how tingly I was feeling :)

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Eddie came on stage with sadly not a spot of make-up in sight, which was about the only disappointing thing I can say about the evening. He was amazing. And he performed for a good three hours (with a half hour interval in the middle) and I know he'd only just flown into Joburg mere hours before! To say it was worth every cent would be an understatement, I will say that I did go and check if the Sunday night show had any seats available the next day tho ;) Sadly, it was already sold out, otherwise I seriously might've been in danger of going again! I'm even wondering if Izzard is an appropriate name for my possible future son ;)

✓ Tick.

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To say it was a late night would be an understatement. The show ended at about 23h30, we got out of the parking around midnight and then headed home. And then I coudn't sleep because my head was buzzing. I think I probably dozed off around 02h30. I was pretty buggered on Wednesday.

But that didn't stop me from heading over to Bert's new place (one of the book club girls who has just moved into a place literally about 2mins from my new place :) ) and then we went out for a celebratory dinner at our local O'Hagans (only because it's literally within walking distance from her place and so, walk we did). I can't even remember when last I was at an O'Hagans, and the last time I was probably at any similar sort of pub would've been for some rugby-game while I was dating Bean. So long ago. But I tried their Rib Burger and it was quite delish (it had nacho's on it too!) ... aside from the fact that even de-boned ribs are not the right shape for a hamburger-roll. Was great catching up with her outside of book club :)

And tonight, I'm looking forward to spending a quiet one on my own at home :) I'm exhausted!

ps. Apparently Telkom will be installing my phone line next Friday ... damn, I really did think it'd be sooner.

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