Monday, April 26, 2010

The Big Three-Oh

So, this is it. It's my 30th Birthday today. I am smiling and have a warm fuzzy happy feeling :) I didn't open any gifts this morning. Since the family is so far away and I've mostly been spending so much on furniture lately, I've mostly received cash. Except for The Peeb. I have two parcels waiting for me at home that she got all prepared and sent up with Mom way back in March! (Impressive stuff!) I said I'd wait till I got home before I open them so she can be on the phone with me when I do. Sigh. Another time I wish I had skype and a webcam setup!

So yeah, other than that I had an awesome, awesome weekend! On Friday night I started with drinks at Giles with Loulou, J9-double0blonde and Bert. Was pretty cool, but again I had after-drinks plans so didn't end up staying as long as the others.

From there it was off to Metro Lounge in Benmore for @samanthaperry's birthday drinks. Was great fun to see RubyLetters and so many of my SCM Dinner friend there :) The evening didn't end too late (11pm) although Beukes was trying to convince me that hitting The Hat afterwards with him & DJMike was a good idea, I'm very glad I didn't.

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The next morning was quite miserable and rainy and I didn't get any of the morning stuff done I was planning to do. Instead I went for breakfast with Beukes & DJMike at Europa. Yumyum, must remember to eat there more often ;)

I will say I woke I quite nervous because Saturday was #tattooDay with @beagle_momma, but by the time 1pm rolled around I was more excited than anything else! So I headed off to Jaded Ink where I met up with her and Bert who came along for moral support :) I went first and was amazed at home simple it all was. I mean yes it hurt a little every now & again ... when they went over the same spot and at the top near my veins, but otherwise easy as pie and over pretty fast - okay, to be fair it's no where near very big at all.

And in the end I'm completely thrilled with it :) Completely. I can't stop looking at it! After we were both done, the three of us headed off to Chef & the Fat Man for a late lunch. Wow but the food come in big portions!

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A bit later, in my quest to kill time before 10pm (why oh why do we only go out so late these days? I'm getting too old for this!), I headed off to Capello's for a pre-birthday drink with J9-double0blonde to show off my new ink :)

After that I headed off to RR with Bert & Beukes. Wow did it turn out to just be the most awesome evening. *Everyone* was there! Seriously, I was flitting between so many different groups of people, dancing like a crazy person (even tho I was in flat shoes, I could hardly stand by the time we left!) and just generally having a truly fab pre-birthday party! We got home around 4am. It was fabulous.

Sunday wasn't as much of laziness as I was expecting ... well, at least not the morning half. Went in hunt of a gorgeous ring I saw in December last year at Tinsel. It was still there. But the Bamboo center seems to have almost been vacated? And then went to do admin stuff before heading home to clean the bunny-hutch. Shame, they have been cooped up in there quite a bit lately cause of all this rainy weather :(

And then the rest of the day was spent back in my pjs slothing and watching series in bed. Damn but it's gotten cold quickly this year!

Twas a truly awesome last weekend as a 29 year old!


Anonymous said...

I think your tattoo looks gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Quite a weekend you had! Hope you're having a fabulous birthday, and you took advantage of today and made it into a long weekend! Happy happy birthday!

kyknoord said...

It certainly beats waking up with no recollection of the night before and a mysteriously painful buttock that has somehow been tattooed with the words "Get it here!

Slyde said...

sounds very cool!

happy birthday!

ExMi said...

hope you had an awesome birthday - sounds like you celebrated it just right, what with the tattoo and all!

Tamara said...

Happy bday! Sorry it's so late. Love the tat.

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