Thursday, December 21, 2006

I also have a Sally

Yesterday was pretty good, as Wednesday's go. Had drinks after work with my good friend Sal and then headed off to Sakura (again, no web prescence - what is with these people) for all you can eat Sushi - yay!

So on that note, I like to publicly apologise to my amazing friend Sal for me implying in an earlier post that she did not play a role in ensuring I kept my sanity firmly in my possesion during the last few months of this chaos called my life. She kindly provided me with a place to stay when I needed it most (I hope you're using that egg-pricker!) and ensured there was always someone to listen when I needed to cry.

I'd also like to thank her for being one of the best kinds of friend you can have, the kind who is brave enough to tell you when you upset them. I didn't forget her, but while my life has been in a constant state of flux, she has been very busy lately renovating & decorating a lovely home for herself and her man. No excuses tho. Sorry Sal :) Was fabulous to see you last night and we'll do it again soon!

Which brings me to the whole "friends" thing. This is a vent I've been holding off on for a while. But, I'm not in exactly the right mood to do it now ... so perhaps I'll wait. Or maybe I won't.

Nah, I tried to let it all spill out onto the page, but it's not working right now. Will hold onto it until I can't any longer ... and then you're in trouble!

But, on a lighter note, to match my mood this morning :) Here's a weird new product on the market, BreathCapture. The world is certainly getting more & more peculiar! My fav quote about this product (from Gizmodo) was: and you can even make it into a cross shape to combine your spirituality with your lousy judgement in sentimentality. Pahahahaha. Anyway, it's a little Angelina Jolie for me!

ps. For those of you who don't quite understand the header for today's post ... The Peeb will and here's why :)

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