Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Weekend with Mom & Dad

I had a good weekend :) Friday night Loulou & I stayed home and watched dvds with great Indian take-out from Ghazal's. The movies weren't earth-shattering, nice light entertainment to switch your brain off to ;) American Dreamz with Hugh Grant and another fairly dark one with Demi Moore called Half Light.

Saturday I woke up calm and more at peace than I've been in a while. I went thru all my photos to see if I would be devastated seeing and remembering Bean. I wasn't. I felt guilty but I think subconsciously I began to test myself after that.

I collected Mom & Dad at the airport round 1:30 and had a relaxing afternoon showing them where I now lived (with Loulou) and checking them into their B&B, Craighall House - nice place. Then I took them to Melville for dinner :) We wandered 7th Street and had the obligatory dawa at Xai Xai - had to give them the true Melville experience! Then we headed to Soulsa, which is fast becoming one of my all-time fav Jhb restaurants. And here was my first internal test. The last time I was at Soulsa was a particularly memorable one for Bean & I back in August, hmmm. But I was fine. I enjoyed the memory, but it didn't cause me to break down. It was more of a quiet reflection, an enjoyed memory in a way that usually only comes ages after breaking up with someone. I'm thinking that I must've been processing all this emotion & working thru it for quite some time already. And I know I was crushed last Wednesday, but mostly that was because I knew I was hurting someone I loved. Anyway, it made me feel more strongly that I really had done the right thing. Anyway, dinner at Soulsa was brilliant! Eat there.

Sunday I met the folks at their B&B for breakfast and we went out shopping for a bit & then, again, spent the afternoon relaxing. Although I did pop out to meet some friends for a drink that afternoon. For dinner we hit Greenside and were sorely disappointed by Jhb in the Xmas season. Just about everything was closed - although some of that may have been just because, it was a Sunday evening. We ended up enjoying kilos of King prawns at the new Adega there.

On Monday, I took them out to Pretoria Zoo for the day, which was brilliant - it is so much better than the Jhb one! And it was another test for me. The last time I'd been (the only time) had been with Bean. And I was fine, again. I just found myself wanting to be able to tell him he should go and see how the little koala has grown up since we last saw him in his first week out of his mum's pouch. I think I just have that strong deep love for Bean that means I wish him the best and want him to be happy, but I'm sure in the knowledge that it won't be with me. And that's okay. It's weird, this peaceful place. Especially after so long spent fighting it. Sorry, Bean.

Anyway, we also got to see the bear's swimming & teasing frogs on such a hot day, fun :) Then it was a mad rush thru traffic to get them to the airport for their flight home. I don't understand people! Yes, there had been a huge accident on the N1 South but the lanes were all clear ... and still the cars in front slowed down to an almost to a complete stop, just to see what had happened - a cooldrink truck went over the railing, riveting viewing apparently.

But, I don't know why we ever rush to the airport. If Mom & Dad are flying back to CT, the flight won't be leaving on time ... and good old British Airways didn't disappoint yesterday. Anyway, they did make it home.

The Peeb & her man are off to USA today for 3 weeks - to meet the in-laws ;) Have a fantastic holiday & don't forget to bring home my spanking new iPod ;)

And that was my weekend. Last week seems like a lifetime ago!

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