Monday, January 08, 2007

Back to Work

I expect it'll be a fairly quiet week blog-wise for me. We're back into the swing of things at work and have some guys out for London for the week to audit their software that we're busy implementing. So I expect I'll be babysitting for most of the week ;)

Anyway, let me try and get the weekend re-cap in before they arrive and take up all my time ... had en masse drinks with Nix & Rich on Friday night again. Gotta make the most of it while she's here. Although they'll be arriving back in the UK sometime this morning, so that was it. Hopefully we'll manage to keep in better contact, the usual goodbye promise ;)

So that was Friday evening. On Saturday morning, Varen & I enjoyed breakfast at Doppio Zero in Rosebank. I do love their Eggs Napoli :) And then it was off to do the usual admin type stuff, buy toiletries, collect post etc. You know the drill, all that stuff you don't have time for during the week. Bumped into Bean's grandmother & aunt, which was strange. Had a lovely chat with his gran who we used to see quite a bit of, but it was sad. Luckily I could give her his post and not have to go back to the complex & slip it under his door.

Then, it was off to Sal & Bru's for their official housewarming ... although they've been moved in since November! Their place is lovely and ideal for a pool party, and thankfully the weather gods played along and gave us a perfect day! Oooh, and in super exciting news, they have 3 new additions to their family. On New Years day they got 3 tiny little kittens who are just the most adorable little things :) Welcome Erin, Pip & Grommet! The housewarming was such fun and it was good to catch up with everyone and I hope you guys didn't spend too much of Sunday cleaning house ;)

On Sunday morning I got up at nought-o-clock to go biking with Varen. It's the second time I've been and it's loads of fun :) This time we went out to Cullinan with Koeties, all that way for a Wimpy breakfast! Needless to say, after a while sitting on the back really hurts! If you've ever ridden a horse, not so different! But it's still a blast, none the less. Here's hoping the folks don't have a complete freak out ...

And then I got to meet Varen's Dad! His mom & sister are still away on holiday, but now I've meet all the boys. We arrived back after the ride, after a lengthy rest stop at Koeties place naturally, and went for lunch ... at, would you believe, Doppio Zero. Luckily it's a good restaurant with a sufficiently varied menu. And luckily it was not too scary an experience ;) Not like my Dad who once made a prospective boyf fill out an application form to date me back when I was in Std 7 (Grade 9)! Makes for a fabulous story and I still have the form the sweet boy was nice enough to fill out and then laugh at the joke of it ;)

And that was pretty much it for my weekend.

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