Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The First Home Night

Righto, I'm trying to get back to my pre-work day posting ... it's a good way to start the day and I have been missing my morning ritual. Consider these few minutes taken to post, my coffee-break. Since I do not drink the stuff, or tea. Generally I steer clear of hot drinks, it's strange (or so I've been told), but they make me feel funny ;) Although, on particularly chilly Jhb mornings I have been known to enjoy the occasional hot chocolate.

Anyway, enough about that ... Yesterday eve was nice. Went to Koeties place to sort out this Moz trip. Apparently it's a toss up between Praia do Tofo & Ponta Malongane. I'm keen for Tofo, the last time I was there was one the last stretch of my 5 week Southern Africa tour in March 2004 and I had an amazing time snorkelling with Whale Sharks. Bean & I went to Ponta de Ouro back in December 2004 to swim with the dolphins. De Ouro is right next to Malongane. And I figure if we're going to be there for 8 days, I need something more to do than just sit on the sand (with my 18 books to read) ... and Ponta is miles from anything ... miles of sand-dune roads. And I wanna see huge giant Manta Rays :)

So, hopefully the boys figure this out, and soon. But, I think the majority are keen on Tofo so, fingers crossed!

After that I went home. Loulou had cooked dinner as part of a new initiative we're trying out. It's been fondly dubbed "Home Night" (I'm sure given time and alcohol we could come up with a better name!) and will be a weekly feature. On Monday we'll check our schedules and pick the "Home Night" for the week. Then we'll take turns cooking dinner. Because I don't see the point in just cooking for one, so generally i tend not to. Which is a pity ... and so began the idea of "Home Night". Also it gives us a nice chance to sit and chat and catch up and just generally hang-out. Which is nice. We get on well when our schedules collide and we both happen to be home ;)

So, Loulou made Beef Massaman curry for dinner (I'd bought the tin from Woolies ages ago and was dying to try it). It was brilliant. She has set the bar high. I'll have to think up something brilliant for next week ;)

Anyway, Loulou: good luck for your exam today and yay! for finding your student card ;) Ps. don't you love the cute pic! While Loulou was wrapping Christmas pressies, Hon got involved and climbed into one of the shopping bags - she's such a crazy playful thing :)


Anonymous said...

Well, Tofu it is! Can't wait!

phillygirl said...

Yay, that is fantastic news :) I am thrilled!

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