Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Nothing Exciting

There is nothing exciting to say today ... but I feel the need to tell you that anyway, since I wouldn't want you all waiting around in anticipation and then ending up disappointed. So right up front, to get it out of the way and in Bean's best business-ism, to manage expectations effectively, I'm warning you: Nothing exciting has happened since my last post. Feel free to stop reading here ;) Kidding!

Last night, after only leaving work at (far too late for my liking!) 7pm, although I did squeeze in a little gym-time. We were dealing with these annoying post-implementation issues - at least we ironed out the last minor issue and were allowed to head home. Alas for me, I am on standby this week. Which means I had to babysit the new project all night. So most of my evening was spent online with my pathetic 3G 1-bar connection. Oh, how slow can one bit go ? But, all went smoothly and I slept like the dead once I hit the pillow - I think it was the night before's lack of sleep & my recent gym-session that sealed the deal!

Oh, luckily I have remembered something I needed to post about ... I finished James Patterson & Andrew Gross's Lifeguard on the weekend.

Everything is going right for lifeguard Ned Kelly. He is involved with Tess, the most beautiful woman he has ever seen and what's more, a million dollars is within touching distance; his share of the score for the robbery of some world-class art. All he has to do is trigger alarms to throw the cops off the scent. But when Tess is brutally murdered and the others involved in the robbery are massacred, Ned is the prime suspect. He has been set up...

It was alright and quite a quick read. Loulou says James Patterson's book s are usually quite good and I'll give him another read before disagreeing altogether. This isn't the sort of book I usually read, now I remember why, but it was part of my book club selection and I'm open to pretty much reading anything with words ;) It had some fairly predictable bits and some that were just truly unbelievable. It's probably best recommended as a quick holiday read to keep you busy while lazing in the sun!

And that is as exciting as it gets ... I did warn you ;)

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