Monday, February 05, 2007

Could I be More Annoyed ?

It has been a rough morning so far!

Firstly Varen messed up on alarm duty ;) Apparently alarms were set for 6 & 6:30 am ... and apparently they went off, but still we slept till 8:20 !! So it was a mad rush to work this morning, taking the bike instead of fighting the Jhb morning rush hour. So, already my Taurean-required morning rituals were screwed with. Not a good start.

Then work ... Well, I can say that I'm not really sure what I'm doing anymore or if I want to be doing it. I just get so frustrated these days. This whole year has been one project taking priority of the previous one. Which means we haven't really been able to actually work on anything properly. Just as you're starting on something or in the investigative phase, someone comes along and decides this other project has way more priority and now you should start working on it instead. Of course, next week it'll happen all over again with another new project that has just received the latest highest priority.

And then, of course, there's the girl-factor. I am a girl therefore no one seems to listen to me. I'm at our "second sight" (as JofH likes to call it) and supposed to be merely a phone call away from the thick of decisions being made and day-to-day project decisions. Unfortunately you can only be a phone call away if the folks at our primary spot make that call :P Frustrations seems to be the order of the day.

Blegh. I guess it is my fault, I wanted to try working in a "big corporate". JofH, start drafting a real offer ... my patience here is wearing thin ;)

And that's a pity because I had a really lovely & relaxing weekend away with Varen ... more on that in a later post ;)

Oh, and I forgot to add the other most annoying thing about today ... My whole week was fairly well scheduled. Aside from the dinner Varen & I were supposed to have with JofH & YogaCherryl on Tuesday. Because I completely forgot we were *finally* supposed to have our Book Club party tomor eve. So I tried rescheduling the dinner for Wednesday. That meant Home Night 3 on Monday, Book Club Girlie Party on Tues, dinner on Wed and possibly a Comedy show on Thursday and then as much sleep as possible on Friday before our Saturday 2am wake-up call to begin the drive to Tofo in Mozambique. Busy week, huh? I guess that's why it's a bit of a relief, in retrospect, that the plans got so screwed up that I'm now hardly doing anything this week ;)

This eve will still be Home Night 3 with Loulou. The Book Club Girlie Party has been moved to Thursday and Wednesday is apparently not so convenient for JofH & YogaCherryl ... so that dinner will probably be postponed to after Varen & I are back from Moz.

But still, I shouldn't be surprised the Book Club thing was postponed again. Book Club has turned out to be rather disappointing so far in 2007. We have made it all the way to Feb without actually having a single Book Club evening. Rather shocking if you ask me, but what can one do?

Anyway, my rant ends there.

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