Friday, February 23, 2007

Finally it's Friday

Nothing terribly exciting to report. Had after-work drinks with Band last night. Was fab to get a chance to catch up and really talk properly ... not snatched moments of conversation with a million other people around. She is a good friend :)

The rest of the evening was spent pretty lazily in the bath reading and then in front of the television. Managed to catch an episode of Bones, which used to be one of my weekly watches but I actually don't think I've seen it since I moved in with Loulou. Wasn't a particularly good episode, but better than watching some other rubbish!

And then it was off to bed fairly early at 10pm. I'm still catching up on sleep from Wednesday's Production debacle. Only to be woken at 6am this morning for the same Production issue ... however this time the system had crashed so badly that we weren't notified at 2am when it actually went down. We had to be notified by one of the big boss-men who wanted to know why his Completed Processing Email Notification had not yet arrived.

So it has been a mad scramble to get things back up and running. We are at the moment and as of now are only fairly close to finishing a process that should be done by 6am at the latest! Lot's of unhappy people today.

Anyway, it is Friday today, so I'm hoping things can only get better with the arrival of the weekend :)

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