Thursday, February 22, 2007

Get a Website, Dammit!

Went to a fabulous little restaurant in Melville last night with JofH. It's called The Loft and has now completely annoyed me by having no web prescence !?! Don't restaurants of all places understand the importance of this ... how do you think I decide where to go for dinner when I want to try somewhere new? All I could find to provide you with useful information about this fabulous restaurant was this:

6 7th Street
Tel: (011) 482 8986

Anyway, it has a fabulous vibe if you can get past the throng of people standing on the thin pavement to smoke their wretched cigarettes. Due to the heat JofH & I picked a sidewalk table ... which is why we were privy to the throng. Anyway, the food was good. My chicken satay starter was not the best, it was okay and the drop of peanut sauce only arrived half way thru the meal. But my main, a vegetarian lasagne-type dish, was fabulous! They don't have a very vast menu and oddly enough didn't have a single chicken main course.

It was fabulous to see JofH again and catch up :) He naturally did the "come work for me" sales pitch again and was thrilled to hear that it was a real possibility.

Otherwise today has been a bit crazy (hence the late post), started with a Ladies Breakfast at work ... nice enough but still not the turn-out I'm hoping for. And then an hour and half long meeting. So now I have finally found some time (before lunch, only) to post. Forgive me, but some days are hectic!

Oh, and another birthday in the family today ... February is a busy month for us, I know. My cousin Megs: Happy 15th! Wow, you are getting old ;)

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