Monday, March 05, 2007

Back from the Mountain

So we spent the weekend in Cape Town. It was fab to see all the family again, but exhausting as usual. I always come back from Cape Town needing another day or two off ... having rushed around trying to cram in going everywhere and seeing everyone.

Anyway, it was a nice weekend. Dinner with the folks at home on Friday night. Saturday I went to visit Gummy & Marga, my grandparents on Mom's side. It was good to see them. Especially since Gum was having a pretty good day and we chatted nicely. Took a walk outside to visit their fish. Years ago I turned their 30-foot diameter pool into a giant fish pond :) Which has worked pretty well over the years, these days there are only about 4 fish left (and they are pretty big!) and it could certainly never be used as a pool again without vast amounts of restoration. But that is another story :)

Gum will be going to a Frail-Care home shortly and they say the old folks deteriorate rapidly when taken out of their familiar environment. So it was important to me to be able to go and see him before this happens.

And then I took Varen to do a little sight-seeing around the Cape. The weather was pretty lousy but we took a drive out along the coast via Fish Hoek and Simon's Town to Miller's. And then we drove back via Noordhoek and Ou Kaapse Weg. It was the best I could do to give him some sort of view of the Cape on his first visit ... since there were so many other reasons for this weekend visit than sight seeing.

On Saturday evening, Dad took the lot of us (Mom, Dad, me, Varen, Peeb and her Button) to Beluga for dinner. It was nice, I had a kilo of prawns :) Cheerio, cholesterol! Pity the service was so bad and they had some really stupid waiters. But the food was good.

And on Sunday the entire fam on the TJ side came over to see me and celebrate my Grandmother's favourite unmarried son-in-law, Mom and Meg's birthdays. It was a fab afternoon with the usual fabulous food reserved especially for this sort of family gathering. As usual, I ate to much, but it was so delish, it was worth it :)

And we also spent a large part of the afternoon playing Fluxx. A Card game the Peeb brought back from the US for Megs. It's brilliant, no strategy or anything is possible while playing ... which completely levels the playing field, since ordinarily the Peeb & I clean up at card games ... well, Rummy anyway.

And then it was time for Varen & I to fly back to Jhb. It was good to be back in CT and see all the fam, but a weekend is far too short for me.

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