Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Boring Post

In no mood for posting today ... trying to get some real work out of the way. The evening wasn't bad, made some nice dinner (Peppadew Chicken Sausage and butternut from Woolies - yes Phlippy, the kind of veggies you can use your Microwave for :) ). Not exceptionally healthy, I'm sure. But hey, let's not go overboard here.

Watched American Idol (oh the hilarity!) and Prison Break. Lost one of my old faithful fish ... Damn, so annoying. Should never have added the new fish to their perfect balance :( Oh well. And now the last 2 fish are not looking too good, can a fish have epilepsy? So my money's not on them making it to the weekend :( I'm wondering if it would be cruel to keep a guinea pig in the bowl if the fish die - although i'd obviously empty out the water first!

And after one measly phone call from stand-by last night, I'm at work this morning in a far better mood & slightly better rested than yesterday. Although it appears I work with a bunch of children ... and I don't mean that literally in the pre-school teacher sort of way, at all! Hell, this is supposed to be one of the big South African corporates yet they seem to hire purely on the candidate's ability to annoy me and their inability to be pro-active.

So that is all I have to say for today. Except that I have started my list. That's my list of things I want to or need to do ... my brain has been getting more & more scattered lately. It's a varied list and ranges from buying some Vanish Powder this weekend (splashed some Mochachos sauce on my skirt on Monday and I only have the liquid) to thinking about possibly buying a house. Perhaps when it is complete I'll publish it here for all to see ... perhaps.

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Phlippy said...

OK, now eagerly awaiting the list...

Yay, Woolies veggies to nuke! That is another reason for purchasing the microwave, I can use the word 'nuke'.

Say hi on Facebook btw. I'll be easy to find ;-)

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