Friday, March 09, 2007

Lucky Loulou

So it was a fairly uneventful evening yesterday ... except I bought for myself a blender ;) Yes that's right folks-who-know-me, an actual kitchen appliance.

I was reading this magazine and there were these truly fabulous and creative soup recipes .. .and I do love a good smooth soup (Woolies is my current favourite, but they've really messed up the Summer flavours ... can't wait for Winter when they bring back the creamy sun-dried tomato one!) And second top of my list of yummy things that are blended is fruit smoothies. So I figure in my attempt to lose a little weight (10 kilos would be fabulous!) I will start improving my fresh fruit & veg intake with soups and smoothies. And try to be very organised and make myself liquid lunch for work too :) We seem to eat an awful lot of crap & takeout rubbish for lunch ... it being the most convenient and all. Lately I've tried to be good and have Subway instead of Nandos or MacDonalds. But I can't skip the Mochacho's ... it really is just so much better than Nandos :)

Anyway ... Varen & I went for sushi at Sakura and then watched 3 more episodes of House.

Loulou on the other hand, had a far more interesting evening. While at Sakura, I got a call from her mom asking where she was this evening. I said I didn't know and hadn't yet seen her. Apparently her bag was stolen but recovered by very impressive Sandton City security ... and they'd used her cellphone to call her mom. Anyway, a little while later her mom called me back to say she'd got hold of Loulou. She'd been having dinner with a friend and when her mom asked where her bag was, she replied "Under my chair". Apparently not. She didn't even know it was gone! Anyway, Sandton security spotted a guy walking around with a ladies bag and stopped him and managed to get everything back from her ... apparently they gave the guy quite a beating too. I love stories like this. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling :) It's great to know that sometimes the system really does work!

And in other annoying morning news, I got stuck behind another truck going no more than 40 on the same road again this morning. This time it was one of those yellow construction ones with a crane type thingy (that's it's scientific name) on the back. Aaargh! Note to all truck drivers (who I know must be reading my fabulous blog, of course), please stop driving on suburban roads where I cannot overtake you and ruining my drive to work. Blegh. Find another route ... this is my most efficient one.

Righto, and on that note, start sending the soup recipes ;)


Phlippy said...

Blenders are the way to go. I recently bought my first microwave after living without one for two and a half years! Why you ask, wll because I cook and do not believe in microwaves... until the craving for popcorn settles in... so I bought a R1000 popcorn maker.. sigh

phillygirl said...

You (a boy, I presume ... based solely on your blog title), lived without a microwave for 2 years? Can I marry you?

Ah, admittedly as much as I love to profess (and people believe) that I'd probably burn water, I'm not *that* bad in the kitchen ... but no microwave, really?

All those ready-made Woolies meals must cringe with disappointment every time you walk by their fridge ;) Hey, now that I think about it ... when last did I use the microwave? Must've been Woolies veggies, I think.

Phlippy said...

ROFL - I have been cooking since I was 11, one of my passions is creating food and spectacular flavours :-) Which is why I was without for so long.

I basically have found myself purchasing Woolies Veggies in order to justify my extravagant microwave. Being used solely for popcron does not excite me - LoL

On the marriage front, thank you for the offer... can you give me a few years to think about it ;-)

akika said...

wtf? where exactly are you hiding these 10kilos you want to lose?

phillygirl said...

@phlippy - what, you haven't gone out ring-hunting for me yet ?? /*devastated*/ ;)
Don't worry, I'm a little too involved to be accepting or offering marriage proposal's to strangers right now ... never thought I'd hear myself say that ;)

@akika - I'm not hiding them at all, they are in plain sight ... if the weren't I doubt I'd care ;)

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