Friday, April 13, 2007

A Good Evening With Old Friends

I had a fabulous night last night :) I was a bad girl and skipped Bikram again ... I don't think I can manage it two days in a row. But I had a good reason. Beukes was up in Jhb on business and drinks were in order.

I rushed home after work so that Loulou and I could take a brisk half hour walk around our neighbourhood (it makes a nice change to gym as a form of exercise) so that I didn't feel completely guilty about skipping yoga. It was fab, we should do it again.

And then I zoomed off to Newscafe in Sandton (after an obligatory shower ;) ) to meet up with DJMike and Beukes and some of their mates.

Quick background: DJMike's family has been friends with our family since he and the Peeb were in pre-school. Beukes was a school friend of DJMike's who I've known since he was about in Standard 4 (that's Grade 6, for you youngsters). Anyway, Beukes and I became better friends once we were all out of school (and let's not mention that crazy 21st with Britney, Marilyn Manson and Green Day!) and he's now living by the sea in Durbs. DJMike has recently (this year) moved up to good ol' Jhb.

It was fabulous to see them both again, although a pity Beukes had to rush off to the work funtion he was up here for. DJMike & I decided to head off for some dinner and a good catch up. I suggested Luca's since I was (shock, horror) having a Luca's Salad craving. It was a lovely evening and ended early enough for me to be home in time for CSI ;)

And now it is Friday :)


Phlippy said...

GO TO YOGA! Stop skipping it!

phillygirl said...

I will, I will!

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