Monday, April 16, 2007

A Mere Two Day Weekend

So another weekend flies by ... a mere two days this time, so no wonder it seemed over in a flash.

As an aside, who do you think started the whole 5-day work week, 2-day weekend concept ... and what the hell were they thinking? I can sort of understand it back in the day when there was possibly less to do on your weekends ... but why have we not re-assessed this yet? The general public masses conforming to the silly corporations and what's best for them. It saddens me. Bring on the 3-day weekend!

Anyway, enough of the craziness that occasionally invades and on to the weekend news.

Friday I wanted a relaxed evening at home ... in fact that was my plan for the whole weekend. I don't know why but I wasn't feeling terribly sociable. Varen was hoping to see me so I caved and said why not. He came over to give me Heroes and I heated some Woolies soup for us and we started watching. I can't decide if I like it or not yet ... it seems to be very popular at the moment, but we'll see ...

Then on Saturday I had to come in to work for a Production Implementation. Oh and it turns out Idiot PM is going thru a divorce, that's why he's been such a tyrant. Anyway, the implementation was smooth and TheBrad & I were out of here within 2 & half hours. Got to enjoy some extra time on facebook, so not a total loss ;)

Then I went and relaxed at home with Loulou and watched Prison Break 2. Until Varen called. He had sneakily-accidentally taken my iPod headphones when he'd left the night before and wanted to bring them round ... and maybe watch some more Heroes episodes. I went against my better judgement ... hey, I didn't have any plans and I was keen to see how the series progressed. So we made plans for him to come over later after I'd popped out to visit JofH.

We got Sfigati take-out pizza and settled in for a long evening of Heroes, we got thru a marathon 5 episodes!

So, it was a little weird, seeing so much of him this weekend. Luckily we've decided to detox this week. The time we spend together is great and we have fun, but I don't want to over-do it and ruin the way things are right now. Eventually that'll happen anyway when either of us meets someone else, no doubt. So enough thinking about that crazy situation - it makes sense at the time, okay!

Sunday I spent very lazily ... got up at a leisurely hour after watching more Prison Break in bed - gotta love laptops! And then went out to do some admin stuff and a general shop for this week, I needed smoothie ingredients ;) Can you believe I'm still making them regularly!

And then I spent the afternoon watching more Prison Break and started on Dexter. Now I may not be sure what I think about Heroes (even after 7 episodes) but I love Dexter. It is fabulous!

And then I got an invite from Sal&Bru to a spur-of-the-moment Poker evening. Fabulous :) I last played with them (and they are very organised!) when Bean & I were broken up the first time, in fact I think we may just have gotten back together. It was fabulous and I won that time, so yes, I was keen.

Was a quiet evening with only 4 of us there but we had a good few rounds, lots of laughs and Daddio would be so proud because I won again :)


Phlippy said...

Sounds like a very chilled weekend. You need to let go again... I'll organise another wild one

phillygirl said...

Rest assured that the chilled weekend and this (hopefully) chilled week ahead are all in preparation for chaos of the following week! Got a friend's birthday drinks on Saturday and then next week my Birthday Festival starts ;)

lordwiggly said...

DVDs with the ex. How comfortable...and dangerous //cue intro music to The Twilight Zone//

phillygirl said...

@wiggly - yup, it most certainly is both of those ... but the comfort and niceness of it outweighs the danger, at least until retrospect kicks in ;)

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