Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sleep-Deprived Posting

I'm so not in the mood for posting this morning ... which is supremely unlike me, as any regular reader will know.

Yesterday was a completely uneventful, almost zombie like evening. I was exhausted from my disjointed night's sleep but I still went to Yoga, which was satisfying, but also exhausting ... in that "Gee Whiz I really pushed myself hard" kind of way, which I assure you is a novelty for me! I think this is why I like Yoga. Firstly, it's 90 minutes, which is wa-ay longer than I could convince myself to stick out in the gym. Secondly, I can feel the heart-racing muscle-aching effects during those 90 mins, another thing that's tricky to generate at gym. You may have guessed that I don't find gym in any way satisfying or pleasant even ... mostly I find it boring as all hell. It's really just something I do because I feel I should. I don't get that Endorphin rush or whatever it is that the fitness fanatics chatter on about. I never feel better after gym.

Bean always did, he was much better when he went to gym between work & home ... it disconnected him from "work-mode". That is what I spend my half an hour reading in my bath for.

Anyway. I do feel better after Yoga. I feel like I've worked out. And I find myself pushing myself harder than I would left to my own devices in a gym. I used to try going to the classes, but they get equally boring as spinning on a bike or some other equally ridiculous use of my time. Anyway, so I'm enjoying Yoga and the novelty has not yet worn off. I need the class environment, someone else demanding I push myself. And I love the Yoga instructor at this place. She's encouraging and wanders around correcting you where necessary. And doesn't make me feel like an idiot because half the people in class are bent in half while I don't look like I've moved a muscle ... yet, I assure you, they're all straining to their (current) limits.

So I went to Yoga. Went home. Put washing on. Ate left overs for dinner, straight out of the fridge ... how very single of me! And then got to relax in the bath with my book before crawling into bed for another couple of episodes of Prison Break 2.

This morning was equally disjointed, if not more so. At least TheBrad will be on standby tonight so I can get at least one decent night's sleep ... 3 nights in a row would be too hectic for me and I might show up at work with a hand-grenade ;)

Which is why this post is late and not very enthusiastic, I'm feeling a little sleep-deprived and everything is rather happening in slow-motion today.

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