Thursday, April 26, 2007

Still Me Birthday - Yay!

So, I've finally found a minute to fill you in on the Birthday Fesitivities :)

I had a fabulous evening last night with 15 amazing people I have the privilege to call friends. Varen came by first to give me my present (yes, it was something that could be wrapped ;) ) and to play designated driver for the evening. Although Loulou finally got her car back yesterday so could've handled the job ... but neither of them wanted to wrestle for it so it defaulted to the boy.
We headed out to Xai-Xai in Melville for my traditional starter Darwa. Surprisingly just about everyone joined us there so as they arrived so the order grew ... thankfully it did eventually arrive and everyone crushed and drank to their hearts content. Then we whizzed all the way down the road to Soulsa (these two spots I picked happened to be polar opposites of the same road ... so we got a chance to walk off a little of the alcohol before dinner).

Dinner at Soulsa was fabulous and they really put in an amazing effort for me. They'd printed trimmed versions of their menu (to ensure the food all came out at the same time) and they'd included everyone's names and set it up as per my seating plan. Yes, I had a seating plan.

When I told JofH this he packed up laughing ... I explained that I was in fact serious. He said yes, he knew, that's why he was laughing.

So, perhaps I'm a little obsessive but generally I've never enjoyed my own birthday parties, if you throw them at home you never actually get to stop being the hostess and just enjoy the event. Which is why I'm a fan of the Birthday Dinner at a Restaurant. But as I said we were a big group (15 for dinner) and there were some people there who didn't know anyone except me and others who knew half the table. The seating had to be perfect. I think it worked out fabulously, judging by the non-stop chatter that went on between everyone :)

And aside from the fact that my camera decided to run out of battery after one little picture (the one disappointment of the evening), the evening was a blast!

Oooh, and there was loot. I got pressies! Which is not obligatory at this age, birthday really do surprisingly become about seeing and spending time with your favourite people (I can't believe I just wrote that, I must be getting old!) but it is still always much appreciated ;)

It seems the gift that Varen had to give me at home (away from the maddening crowds) was a popular choice. Perhaps it's the fact that I'm no longer dating the heir to the South African Lingerie Empire that everyone thinks I need new undies? But hey, I'm a girl and sexy frilly under garments never go amis ;) So thanks guys ... I know a certain someone who is looking even more thrilled to the surprise weekend away in May now!

And then it was morning, which is actually when I opened all the loot I got last night at dinner - thank goodness considering all the items that can't be tried on in public.

At work this morning I had a well-scheduled Women's Forum Monthly Breakfast ... which I dearly needed after Bug & Lemon decided I should end the evening with a double Jager on top of my 1 & half Darwa's and bottle of red wine.

And now here we are, I've spent a slow day at work not doing much work but rather basking in the glow of Birthday Attention. As I said previously, I have received a vast number of emails, smses and facebook comments as well as a few welcome phone calls :) Oh and I even had a surprise delivery of beautiful flowers ... from the sweetest un-boyfriend ever, Varen. I am spoilt.

and now I am starving as I wait for the least healthy lunch to arrive. Admittedly I planned lunch today badly (or not at all) and the only thing on offer was a meal that ordinarily makes my arteries clog with the mere mention of the name "Akhalwayas". But it's all that was on offer and since I'm in no mood for starving, I went with the flow. How bad could it be? Do you think it's possible to double your cholesterol after one sandwich?

And Mom is checked in at Cape Town International already ... I am really looking forward to her coming up this weekend, I think it's gonna be a good one.

So that's all the news ... Thanks to all the fabulous folk who came to dinner with me last night and thanks to everyone who has used one medium or another to find a way to wish me today.

Have a fabulous long weekend folks :)

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