Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Another Much Needed Public Holiday

Okay, I know this is a fairly late post ... I've been busy with admin-y sort of things this morning. Yes, I have things to do besides blog, although you'd probably never believe it :)

So here's the story of yet another public holiday ... Monday night turned into a nightmare. I went to Yoga after work. It was harder than expected, but I guess that's what you deserve after a weeks break! Then I went home and lazed in the bath, recovering with my book. Then I nipped out for a quick sushi dinner at Sakura - I certainly wasn't in the mood for cooking up anything myself and I needed something light. Only to arrive and discover that they were all out of prawn ... hello? now I have to slum it with the cheap stuff and have salmon. And the whole reason I went was because I was craving their prawn maki. And this was only the beginning of a bad evening.

Then I had the quickest sushi dinner of my life, bored by the lack of prawn, and then headed home to watch some Grey's in bed. I was expecting another night spent up with Production, even tho we'd implemented a change to potentially fix the problem - I was not hopeful. That and I was under strict instructions to make myself available at 5am for Varen. He'd planned a day out for the public holiday. Originally I thought we were going biking ... turned out I guessed correctly on Sunday evening, we were heading to his farm in the Free State for the day. Crazy!

So after a couple of episodes of Grey's, more than I planned since I was supposed to be having an early night, I get out my power cable to re-charge the laptop while I sleep. I need it fully functional for my early morning baby-sitting of Production.

What? Where the hell is my power cable? OMG. I had left it on my desk at work. How could I be so stupid, I never do that. Now what? I'd have to drive into Jhb city centre to our offices and fetch it, there was no way I had enough battery after watching Grey's to see me thru the Production baby-sitting and the public holiday. OMG. Minor panic. How does one get into the offices at 10:30 at night? Where does one park? This is town, after all. Major panic.

Call Varen ... he'll know what to do from back in the days when he used to work here too. Plus I'll now have to back out of the planned day at the farm since clearly I'll never get enough sleep if I have to drive all the way to town and back!

He knew just what to do. It's fabulous having a knight on his shiny white horse rescue you every once in a while. He came to pick me up, yes drove half an hour to my house, and took me to the offices and collected my power cable with me. After that it just made sense to stay at his place, since he is so much closer to said offices and it would give us a little more shut-eye in the morning before leaving for the farm.

I was up at 2:30 and watched Production process perfectly ... apparently, even thru my sheer lack of faith, our fix had worked. Yippee. I grabbed a few hours of sleep and we left for the farm at 6am sharp.

I slept thru at least half of our 3 hour trip which made it seem a very manageable distance. We arrived to a beautiful day at the farm at 9am. After the usual morning rituals (showering/bathing, brushing teeth & hair), we enjoyed a small breakfast of cereal we'd picked up at the local Spar in Senekal.

After that we took a walk around the farm so that he could show off all the changes since I'd last been there over New Years. They now have 10 noisy geese, 16 buck (to add to the 3 that jumped over the fence from a neighbouring farm) and 2 sturdy looking bulls.

After that we lazed in the sun in the garden with our books and the Lindt chocolates he'd bought to spoil me. Technically this day-outing was still part of my birthday festival :) I seem to have even gotten myself a little sun burnt again, but nothing as bad as last time!

Then at around 2pm he braaied some ostrich and chicken for us. We ate well and watched a little Heroes and then had a quick late afternoon nap before we drove home.

I arrived home promptly at 9 to find Loulou back from her long weekend away. It had been a fabulous day, just what I needed: a relaxing escape from the city, work and Production Issues.

Things are certainly interesting in our anti-dating ... I'm not sure that all is as above board as it should be, but he assures me that all feelings beyond enjoying each others company are being kept firmly on a leash. Let's hope so. Actually let's all just keep our fingers crossed that neither of us is emotionally screwed up after this ... and that we actually like each other in the end :) I'm not so sure any more if we will successfully manage the "just friends" bit, but at the moment this is working fine and hey, you know how the saying goes "if it ain't broke ..."


lordwiggly said...

Sounds like a seriously relaxing way to spend a public holiday! Dunno how you do the whole "friends with the ex" thing - I tried it and it almost undid me in the end. But if its working for you - good luck!!

phillygirl said...

Yeah, it was a lovely way to spend a public holiday :) And the friends with the ex thing ... well I'm not sure that the first word is currently "friends" ;)

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