Thursday, May 03, 2007

Is My Email Even Working Anymore ?

Righto,I think it's time for a bit of a rant ...

Yesterday provided two incidents that got my blood to boiling point. One I've just remembered I can't post about because the end result of all the phone calls and lack of response and fighting with call-centre drones is supposed to be a surprise for someone who gives me a read whenever she can manage to connect to the net. And in all honestly the company in question has just about redeemed the stupidness of yesterday, today.

Let me, however, explain the First:

I noticed last week that I had not yet received the monthly levy account for the apartment Bean & I own (yes, for the mean time we're keeping it ... it's an investment okay and there is no emotional attachment because we never lived in it together or anything, it was bought purely for renting out). Unfortunately what with all the public holidays, I was left a little distracted.

Which means I only began to deal with it yesterday morning. I called the Property Managers, Trafalgar, and explained that the last levy invoice I received from them was on the 19th March and asked why I hadn't received the current one yet.

So they tried mailing it to me again. I phoned back a little later. Then I tried mailing them to ensure they had my address correctly spelt - How on earth could they have it wrong, I've been successfully receiving these things for months ... till now.

** Okay, a quick aside ... the idiot Second people, after all the effort they put in this morning and letting me for a second think that they had redeemed themselves, screwed up yet again ... on very specific email instructions that were, in fact, even highlighted in RED. How idiotic. I will have to rant about this post surprise-arrival.

So anyway, they try mailing it again. After some distraction, even I have work to do, I realise I *still* have not received it. So I call again. They'll try to fax it to me now.

The fax arrives successfully. It's for the wrong month ... it's the last one I actualyl successfully received via email, in March! /* slaps head in frustration */ So I call them again and ask them to fax thru the latest one. You think that'd work, right?

You'd be wrong. Say it with me people. So after another 2 attempts to fax it, we give up for the day and I send a fairly pointed email outlining my frustration and their failed attempts. If they want their money, they've gotta work for it.

So this morning I arrive at work and they' ve finally found a way to send it to me ... in excel format. Belgh, oh well. At least it is sorted :)


Louisa said...

Sounds like they're doing a "great" job? Well, at least you finally have it now.

phillygirl said...

Yup, although to be fair it is only the first time I've had any issues or complaints about them. I think the problem was it was coupled with the Idiot Second People all on one day ... was enough to make my head spin and pit fire!

Oh well, today it's better and both issues are sufficiently resolved to allow me to have a happy day :)

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