Friday, May 11, 2007

Off To Wonder Land

So this is a bit of a random day ... certainly very little work getting done! Had an awesome night out last night with DJMike and Beukes who was up from Durbs again.

We were meant to meet up at Cranks at 7pm for dinner, but in the most bizarre twist of fate, Cranks was closed ... this is only the second time I've ever seen this with my own eyes! So we headed to Doppio Zero instead, an acceptable replacement, but I was really craving Thai food !!

We had a spectacular evening with conversation ranging from the old-time reminiscing of playing King's Quest at DJMike's, pub golf and the night Green Day, Marilyn Manson and Britney Spears went out to the far more adult political debate - Beukes, you win this one hands down ... either you know way more about what you're talking about than either of us, or you fake it much better ;)

Later in the evening Mitch arrived and another round of coffee's was ordered - not by me, obviously ... I don't drink the stuff, hot drinks make me feel funny. Yet soup is one of my favourite things ever. And on the up side, it looks like I may get the chance to join in the Amazing Race - Joburg next weekend after DJMike bailed on me. Mitch has a team that needs a girl. Hey, I survived pub golf all those years ago, how bad could it be ?

Update: Oooh, I just remembered the most hysterical story Mitch arrived with. Apparently he get's on pretty well with the kitchen ladies at his work ... better than he realised even. Yesterday he was chatting to one and she was telling him how empty she felt after her husband left her. And then asked if it was okay for her to use one of these ... and she whips a huge vibrator out of her handbag. Yes that's right! Hysterical. I wish I'd been there to see his face :)

And then I had to head home and pack for this weekend in a mad rush. Leaving work at 1pm and then it's apparently a 4 hour drive. Varen's posted a pic on his blog ... it looks stunning!

And that's that :) The fish are doing fabulously, let's hope they survive my weekend away. Everyone else I know is headed to the German Beerfest - if you are, have a fabulous time.

Which reminds me, the German Beerfest marks my 3 year anniversary in Joburg. The Saturday I arrived (late) I was supposed to go to the Beerfest with Bean, instead he went on his own and I caught up on some much needed sleep after my exhausting journey. Let me give you a head's up, if you're wondering ... it is not a good idea to see your new boyf for the first time in weeks after he spent the day at the Beerfest. He will disappoint you and he'll be too drunk to realise it. And that was just the first Beerfest experience I had. Last year turned out to be equally un-spectacular ... although the day started out well with good friends, the ending left much to be desired. As it does when you are herding a couple of fall-down drunk boys around a field while they search for the last drink before closing.

So, I am not the least bit disappointed by missing the Beerfest this year. Besides, I'm sure I'll be having fun ... where ever I am ;)


akika said...

Don't you read the things people write on facebook? Technically I don't, but I know enough to know that he's not DJMike anymore, he's retired. so you can't call him that, surely? I suppose you can call him anything you like, but that's not the point.
Have a great weekend, it was nice to chat to you.

ExMi said...


do you actually have to drink beer to go to this? do they serve vodka? I cant stand beer...

I guess I'm one of those who believe girls shouldn't drink beer coz it's not 'ladylike'..but that's weird because I've never considered myself 'ladylike'...but I love vodka..and miss it very much..

Haven't had a drink since 20March...that's a LONG TIME!

phillygirl said...

@akika - of course I know he's now ex-DJMike, but I called him that last night and he said I could drop the "ex" ... besides, it gets too tedious to type. And as much as it appears to be a "Gold Frog" moment, it's not that big a deal for me ;)

@cheap thrills - yep, it is a most unfortunate circumstance that they pretty much only serve beer at the beerfest - and I despise the stuff. Guess that's how come I'm the one herding drunk people at the end of the evening ;)

Oh, and Good Luck with the no drinking thing, that's like more than a whole month already!!

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