Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Report Back: Day Two

Just bashing out a quick post here before I head off for a free evening, which hopefully means a little pool, a little foosball, some dinner and good conversation (not sure about that last one yet tho).

Today was the first real day of our leadership course and very interesting. The afternoon was spent learning about the Insights Profile and receiving our evaluations. It was very interesting reading and although there were one or two things I disagreed with (naturally), I eventually figured out where they were probably coming from.

So far it's all good. And I can say that I'm glad to have the distraction of this course for the week (post Varen). Although I regularly have to resist the urge (and I've so far been successful!) to head back to my room and it's connection to the internet, email, facebook, google talk and my blog-stats in every 10 minute break we get. Thus far I'm happy to relegate my internet usage for a quick squizz before breakfast and a more lengthy involvement in the evenings.

But I must say that once I sign off this, I doubt I'll be on again tonight ... unless the company is particularly boring and I lose every game of pool I'm invited to join ;)


Jarred said...

Sounds like fun. Are you a member of the cult yet, or does that only happen later?

Anonymous said...

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phillygirl said...

@jarred - I think we half to complete the full 2 week program before we are considered "fully converted" ;)

@danniella - I don't know what any of this is about or why you were compelled to comment it ... but thanks, I guess?

phillygirl said...

obviously that should read "have" not "half" in the comment above

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