Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I Could Be a Culinary Genius

So last night didn't turn out quite how I expected ... the Traffic Gods did not deign fit that I should get to Yoga :( So I attempted to do a little exercise on my lounge floor - lucky thing I actually own the Yoga mat so there were no carpet burns!

Then I made myself some Woolies calamari - it was divine! I guess it's a bit of a sad thing that I sound so excited by this, but it really was surprising ... I don't expect home made calamari to be anything like the stuff you can get in a restaurant and this wasn't far off :) Perhaps it's just my sheer culinary talents - nah, I know it's not that!

Anyway, then Loulou and I watched the Season finale of ER. OMG, that was sooo hectic ... and lead to me having a dreadful dream where I had a miscarriage. And then we watched the latest episode of Lost that we'd taped yesterday. I was supremely reminded why I don't like watching tv series actually on TV. For one, the ad breaks ... which at least we could fast forward thru, but seriously there are loads of them! And two, after that I just wanted to watch the next episode and see what happened. Which, of course, I couldn't. So that was annoying - damn I hope Varen hurries up and copies that hard drive full of stuff for me ;)

Oh, and this weekend I finished reading Katy Gardner's Hidden.

A trail of blood winding through a squalid flat in Margate leads DCI Dave Gosworth to the body of Jacqui Jennings, her skull smashed with a chisel. For Dave it is just the start of a long and puzzling case...Forty miles away in South London, a young single mother named Melanie Stenning is blissfully unaware of Jacqui's life and death. But that trail of blood will one day lead straight to her door - with terrifying repercussions. For Melanie is about to fall in love with a stranger...Fourteen months later, Melanie has a new husband, and new baby and a new home on the isolated Kent coast. But when her seven-year-old daughter Poppy disappears, she is forced to question everything in her new life, including the man she loves. Because DCI Dave Gosworth has come knocking - with some chilling questions...

It was a pretty good read ... not a straight line story, I guess. It jumped around telling you how you got to this point once you were already there. The ending had a bit of a twist but nothing I didn't see coming after a certain point. Sometimes there's comfort in knowing when the author removes the character's primary suspect, the real person who dunnit has got to be a character you're already familiar with and not some random new person out of the blue - well, I guess that would be far more of a twist, but a far less enjoyable story.

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