Friday, July 06, 2007

Cold, Wet and Bleary-Eyed

So, this is not a good mood day. Yesterday Varen & I ended up in an argument before he left work. After which I had no way of getting in touch with me since I had his cell phone and wallet (he'd left them in my bag after the movie).

Then he arrived at my house in the evening and I wasn't quite sure if he was just there to collect his things or if we were still off to dinner with Hammi & Zej as planned. It's tough when you're both stubborn and waiting for the other to let it go or make things normal again ... it leads to lengthy periods of silence where we both truly believe we are "fine" and it's the other one who is holding onto the issues. Such trivial stuff.

We ended up at Zej's and effectively gate-crashed his dad's birthday - since we had no way of getting hold of them with Varen's now dead cellphone except showing up at Zej's house and hoping they were around :) Then we headed off to Ghazal's. Which was full - seriously, on a Thursday ... I guess everyone has discovered the wonder of Ghazal's Indian Cuisine ;) So we popped in to the little pub around the corner (I forget the name) for a drink. Eventually we got a table back at Ghazal's around 9pm (this does not bode well for my current early morning). Dinner was generally fabulous ... made more so by the fact that I haven't had Ghazal's in absolute ages! And even after it's dubious start, it turned out to be a nice evening :)

Unfortunately Varen & I ended up in another war of misunderstanding and misinterpretation on the way back to his place which meant the evening got later as we ironed things out and apologised. So needless I did not get all that much sleep before the 6am alarm clock (I'm on standby too so there were those delightful mid-night phone calls to contend with as well).

And to top things off, this morning the hot water ran out mere seconds after I stepped into the shower. Hence the lack of smile at this early hour in the freezing cold of Joburg :P Blegh, it's a Friday so I sure hope things improve!

In exciting weekend news, Varen & I are off again on Saturday evening to celebrate an official one-month since he delivered the hard-drive that got this all started again :) Should be fabulous ... assuming my mood lifts!

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