Thursday, July 19, 2007

Much Better

I am feeling a million times better this morning :) It may be something to do with my 9:30 bedtime, but probably more to do with the fabulous massage I had yesterday afternoon.

Remember way back when I was a Thai Massage Guinea Pig for Lady. Well, the woman who was training them (Lime was doing the course too) ended up joining our book club. We'll call her Jeanius. Jeanius does all sorts of massage and I've been desperately needing one. So I booked an appointment.

It was fabulous and I can highly recommend it. For recommendation purposes I will tell you that in real life she trades as Jean Moore and is based in Melville. You can contact her on bodyworx at telkom sa dot net for completely amazing massage, without the "happy ending" .... unless you count relaxed muscles and pain relief ;) And as I said before, she offers all sorts of massage training courses too.

After that, I went home and caught up on 24 and How I Met Your Mother with a very healthy dinner of popcorn and a tub of my favourite yogurt :)

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