Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Where's My Dairybelle?

So yesterday evening was lovely and relaxing. Finished work at 3:30 and scooted off to yoga ... which I didn't know had been canceled. The canceled it to honour the memory of Bikram's guru Bishnu Charan Ghosh. A heap of rubbish if you ask me, since I'm not really into all the yoga spiritual gumf ... I'm just there to exercise.

Anyway, so this left me with a lovely free afternoon and not much planned! I went home and settled in for an early dinner (yummy tomato soup with cheese sticks!) and some dedicated time to spend watching series. I started on 24 Season 6 and How I Met Your Mother Season 2.

This after finally giving up in my search for anywhere that actually stocks my newly discovered favourite yogurt: Dairybelle's Bliss Black Forest. I have been desperately searching for anyone (Spar, Pick 'n Pay) who might actually have stock of this ... no one does. It has been a very disappointing few weeks. But, now I have calmly given up. Even Dairybelle's website doesn't say why no one has stock.

Anyway, that's just a minor aside that has been bugging me for a few weeks now ... anyone who finds this yogurt should buy at least 3 extra tubs and send them on to me, please :)

Last night I finished reading Sabine Dardenne's I Choose To Live.

'I lived through the Dutroux affair from the inside, and all these years I have kept silent about it - about my 'personal' Dutroux Affair, my time in the company of the most hated psychopath in Belgium. I need to write this book for three reasons: so that people stop giving me strange looks and treating me like a curiosity; so that no one ever asks me any more questions ever again; and so that the judicial system never again frees a paedophile for 'good behaviour'.' 'The Dutroux Affair' shook the whole of Europe. In the middle of the immense machinery of investigation and justice there was Sabine Dardenne herself, Dutroux's last victim. She was held captive for eighty days - and survived. Far from sensationalising the horror, her story, dignified and restrained, is ultimately uplifting. Says Sabine Dardenne, 'I choose to live'.

Quite a hectic story, although one without any gruesome details. She is a strong woman who has lived and survived a truly frightening experience. I scares me that there are people like Dutroux out there in the world. More scary is that he had a wife who knew all about what he was doing to these poor girls, yet she still had his children. How messed up is that? Anyway, since I am a fan of these sorts of themes in my fictional books, it was good to read a true account.

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