Friday, July 27, 2007

A Wash-Out

Last night was supposed to be the kick-off of our corporate Action Cricket season. Unfortunately the team we were playing against failed to scrounge up sufficient players and our game was forfeited by them. Nice to have one "win" under our belts before the first ball has been bowled ;)

So I went along anyway to watch our 2nd IT take a beating. Last year our team managed to win the tournament whereas our 2nd team managed to come stone last. Which makes for some amusing competition between the teams who are made up pretty randomly from the people we work with - although we've tried to keep players who participated last year in the same teams as before.

Varen came along to watch too since he knows everyone and was an avid player last year.

After the cricket and a few drinks with the work folk, the two of us headed off for sushi at Sakura. Much needed before my trip ;)

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