Friday, August 31, 2007

12 August: Lake Bunyoni to Jinja

Another long day driving. But the campsite in Jinja, over looking the White Nile is a really good one and most of us have upgraded to the dorms.

The most exciting part of the drive was crossing the equator where we stopped for lunch. It was incredible to watch their water tricks (the Coriolis effect) - how it circles clockwise or anti-clockwise on either side of the equator and then doesn't circle at all right on the equator line. Unfortunately this thrill was ruined after my return and a few minutes spent online as I discovered it was only an urban legend :(

The picture is of one of the many "outdoor butcheries" we passed in Uganda. I'm not sure I'd be very comfortable eating that meat that's been hanging out in the open for who knows how long - even if it had been cooked after that.

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