Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Best Way to Start a Week

So yesterday afternoon I was supposed to start Yoga again. Good intentions. But Varen had a bit of a rough day emotionally (family stuff) so we decided instead to go for a drink at Xai Xai in Melville.

We had the traditional darwa's, as is customary. And since we were both a little peckish, we ordered some starters to share. Between us we scoffed their fabulous chicken trinchado, a portion of squid heads and some fingers of haloumi. Yummy. Such a perfect way to spend a Monday late afternoon and so out of the ordinary - that's something I do love about Varen, the way that nothing else is more important that what we want to do, never work, never gym. It's so refreshing and it's lovely to be surprised with spontaneous moments of sheer enjoyment at doing something unusual :)

After that we headed to my house and watched some more Series and shared a Woolies tomato soup - our originally intended dinner, which hit the spot about 2 hours after our earlier snacks.

It was quite simply the best Monday evening I've had in a long while :)

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