Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Quiet Time at Home

I can honestly say I have not yet done a stitch of work since I've been back, mostly I've been sorting thru my photo's and trying to write my marathon post :) Although I have been forced to sit thru some very dull meetings - some of which have made me wonder if I was even away (since the discussions do not seem to have progressed at all!).

Last night was nice and quiet. Varen & I skipped the weekly Tuesday night dinner with the Goof Troop to spend some quality time together, which is the order of the week. Next week we'll get back to being sociable, I'm sure. But right now, our free time is just for us :) I made us a yummy dinner at home (Woolie's Chicken Roulade with veggies) and then we watched the last few episodes of How I Met Your Mother Season 2.

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