Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What Am I Reading

So, I have launched a new blog. It happened last week and is a collaborative effort. So far so good. I've got the Peeb posting, as well as JofH and The Divine Miss M - and I'm still waiting for 2 more bloggers to come on board :) Which is very exciting.

The basic concept is an online book club of sorts. No, not like Oprah's book club where everyone reads the same book and gushes over it. More like the actual book club that I attend. We all read books that interest us. But I figure something I'm reading might interest someone else, but it may be a book they'd never heard of before. So, I'm exposing them to some new stories and some new authors and getting a suggestion or two for myself :) Although it's not like I don't have enough to read already!

I sort of got the idea while on my trip. I read 2 books that other people on my trip had brought along. And I've written down the names of other books that I want to read too. Definitely some I would never have considered before, let alone heard of. So I figure I'm not alone in that ...

The idea is basically to get about 8 to 10 people with varied reading tastes to contribute their reviews. I hope you find some good recommendations on the site and please feel free to add your review as a comment if you've read any of the books (Thanks, Varen)!

So come on, go and find out What Am I Reading.

ps. I'm pretty certain the books I read will still appear here too ... it's just interesting to see what everyone else is reading there.


The Divine Miss M said...

You're such a nerdy nerd Phillygirl :P

phillygirl said...

Says she who has signed up to join the blog too ;)

Eastcoastdweller said...

Sounds like a good idea -- the world is full of wonderful books!

phillygirl said...

@ecdweller - It is a fabulous idea and taking off quite nicely :) I hope you enjoy the new site!

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