Monday, September 03, 2007

13 August: Jinja

Today was quite a day, we went White Water Rafting down the White Nile. turned out to be such fun because the girls smartly got themselves a separate boat from the boys :) We had an awesome "mild" trip thru the rapids and managed to not get tipped over at all (Except during the initial training bit where the guide tipped us on purpose so prepare us for how to handle it later)! Exactly what we were aiming for.

We went thru eleven rapids during the course of the day (mostly grade 3 or 5) and it was pretty terrifying in the moment - I was pretty certain were were gonna flip in a few of them. But once we'd made it thru, still wet but not drowning, the feeling was exhilarating.


Eastcoastdweller said...

Wow -- you live in a wonderful place and I LOVE the awesome title of your blog!!!!!!!!!

phillygirl said...

@ecdweller - unfortunately this is not where I live - well, I guess technically it's in Africa ;) but it was an awesome trip!

I would highly recommend traveling all over Africa to anyone :)

phillygirl said...

oh, and I forgot to say: Glad you like the title ;) I rather do myself too!

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