Wednesday, September 26, 2007


So last night I had a quiet one, went to Yoga, dropped off my tax return stuff with my new consultant (gotta be done!) and grabbed a late sushi dinner (at Sakura, naturally) with Varen who had to work late (again, they're busy with some major project).

All in all a good evening :) Aside from the fact that on arriving home from Yoga I did a quick car inspection ... being that it was now all nice and sparkly clean again after spending the whole weekend stationary, collecting dirt outside my house. OMG. My car is less than 2 weeks old and someone has defaced it. There is serious scratching and scraping on my left mirror ... I have no idea when this happened, and it obviously wasn't me because I definitely would've noticed the grinding and crunching noise it made if I'd been around at the time.

Aaaargh, it could've been anywhere by any inconsiderate person :( Nothing stays new and shiny for long, I guess. I'm so frustrated by the fact that it wasn't me. If I'd been a moron driver and done it myself, I would be angry, but accepted that it was my fault and dealt with it. Now I have all this pent up anger at some random idiot out there, who no doubt drives some sort of 4x4 since the scrapes are all on top of my mirror.

I'm fighting a panic attack as I try to breathe my way thru this trauma. Devastated ... sigh.


The Divine Miss M said...

Oh no!! The poor car and the poor you!

*sends lots of love and support from accross the globe*

phillygirl said...

@missm - thanks hon, at the moment I'm still in denial that my perfect new car has been damaged :(

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