Friday, September 21, 2007

Back On Our Winning Streak

Last night was pretty decent. We went off to Action Cricket and we won :)

After that, Varen had a Chuckleberry's burger for dinner. I wasn't so keen, or hungry after a lovely work team lunch at Soulsa - I had a divine Vegetable Roulade, I love that restaurant :) His burger was huge and I must say the flavour (so, I had a few bites ...) was excellent. I'd go back and try them again ... but no doubt order a far smaller burger!

What bothered me most last night was watching what seemed to be a repeat performance of last year ... and not on the circket pitch. I think there's an affair brewing in the office, although no longer technically in the office any more since the lady in question worked her last day here last Thursday.

Anyway, so watching these two reminds me in some ways of Varen & I, the familiarity that we built up that got us here, even tho I was dating Bean. Here the story get's a little more interesting than ours ... he's Hindu and been married more than ten years and only adopted a son with his wife last year sometime, she's Muslim and has been engaged almost forever and is in the process of building (literally building) a house with her fiance.

So, it looks like she might've broken off her engagement, but I don't know her well enough to be sure ... and I'm pretty sure they'd be keeping it quiet. And from her perspective I don't have an issue. But he is married with a baby ... it just seems worse, and quite sad really because I'd heard what a wonderful couple they were previously. Obviously not so much anymore ... is this what having kids does to some couples or does it all just come down to the point in your life where you meet that one random stranger who turns your world upside down.

I guess I am hardly one to judge, so I hope they make the right choices and end up happy down the road ...

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