Friday, September 07, 2007

A Bat and a Ball

Morning morning, but it's a Friday morning which is all the better :) Last night was great fun, I finally played in our Action Cricket team (my first time this season!). And it was a total thrashing, them not us :) We beat the other team 197 - 56.

Varen met me there and cheered us on in between catching up with some of his old work mates, sometimes it's really nice that he knows just about everyone I work with :) And that was about the entire evening. Today I'm heading off early to get my old car washed and cleaned and then valued ... eep, by Wednesday next week I should be driving around in my new C2. Fingers crossed :)

Oh, I'll have a hectic weekend to report back on Monday: Tonight we're off to Swan Lake, tomorrow we're going to Taste of Joburg and then Sunday is the Pink concert.

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