Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Frustration Reigns

So, yesterday I was almost at the point of canceling the new car ... even now it's no longer a fun or exciting experience. In fact, I'm hating every minute of it and will think long and hard before going thru this absolute chaos and game of broken telephone again.

So, I called my friendly (although that much may be true, I'm no longer sure about his competence) Citroen dealer, Hilton, just after 7am. He called me back when he got into the office a little while later and assured me he would contact my insurance and finance people and tell them to get in touch with me ... because after signing the papers on Friday afternoon and a ridiculous offer of added-extra costs on Monday by the folks at Citroen, I had heard nothing.

I guess this has been most annoying for me because I put in a lot of effort phoning all the right people the week before I signed the offer. All that effort hasn't benefited me one bit and I have been left frustrated by the futility of the situation and even in tears. I guess it was a minor emotional break down based on my complete loss of faith in all humanity and their ability to offer any form of useful service. That's right, after dealing with these frustrating people all day, I was ready to give up on the planet as a whole and decide to never have kids because I have no desire to inflict the human race's sheer levels of incompetency on them, that would just be cruel.

So I phoned the insurance people (Standard Bank - I should've learnt my lesson yesterday!) and had my premium go up by R70 for an accident that wasn't my fault and that my folk's insurance company got completely paid out for (therefore making no loss off said accident). How is it the accepted norm that I will now be paying monthly for some other stupid driver's mistakes? I am a good driver, I've never had an accident that I caused ... yet other stupid people and ridiculously huge hailstorms are pushing up my premiums. Again it shows that there is no real point in being a law-abiding citizen, where is the benefit?

Then I called the Vehicle Finance people. Aaargh, it turns out they haven't even got the Invoice from Citroen yet. Yes, that's right, I signed on Friday afternoon and it was now about 14h30 on Tuesday afternoon and they had yet to receive the invoice. Clearly I wasn't getting my car that day.

(Oops, left this out the first time round) Oh, and they also needed a letter from Loulou saying I lived with her, a copy of her ID and proof (a utility bill or whatever) that she lived at the place she was vouching that I did. Oh, and a vial of her blood and a dna swab too. All in the name of bloody FICA - can one Hello Peter the government? FICA is the bane of my existence when dealing with all remotely financial institutions. Reason number 2 illustrating that it serves no purpose to be a law-abiding citizen.

After Varen getting involved and me having my emotional breakdown, apparently Citroen finally faxed thru the Invoice and it would now take a mere 2 hours to process. Fabulous, since I was leaving work at 15h30 to head over to the Twenty20 Cricket Opening Match.

So off I went to the cricket in a particularly bad and disinterested mood. Luckily the cricket turned out to be fairly entertaining (might've been the cups of double Brutal Fruit!) with a convincing win by South Africa :)

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