Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Back to Gym

Last night was pretty quiet ... as Monday's tend to be. Started gym again (have given up on yoga for now) with Varen as my no-nonsense trainer. So far day one was good :)

Then it was home for a nice light dinner (chicken breasts with cheese & mustard sauce and veggie skewers - yum!) and the last few episodes of Num3rs Season 3. Sheesh, what an ending ... I did not see that coming. Am slightly devastated but curious to see how they continue is Season 4 (just started in the States apparently, Varen is getting on the download!) but fingers are crossed they don't lose my favourite minor characters!

And that was that, other than the start of planning a family long weekend away that'll hopefully be in November over the Peeb's birthday :) Yay, am keeping fingers crossed. Although in sad news, Daddio probably won't get to go to Antarctica at the end of this year. The stupid company that fired him (Yay that he managed to squeeze 3 months salary out of them finally!) upped their pricing so much that they aren't getting the contract, so Daddio won't be able to wangle his way on board :( Oh well.

Oh, and I almost forgot ... how is this weather in Joburg? I mean, I know Joburg summers tend to mean rain rain rain after their dry winters, but this is honestly far more like a Cape Town winter than anything remotely recognisable as a summer!It's getting tricky to know when it's safe to hang out your washing ;)

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