Monday, October 22, 2007

Recovering From Our Stubbornness

Well, it was certainly a weekend of extremes! Varen & I had our first major fight since we started doing this seriously ... Let me tell you, things get seriously blown out of proportion when you're both as stubborn as we are. It made for a supremely depressing Friday night and Saturday morning while we slowly worked our way thru the giant misunderstanding (which thankfully we did!).

Friday had started out quite nicely tho, we'd headed off to Primi Life (I don't exactly know why Primi Piatti has gone this weird naming route, but whatever ...) for Koet's birthday bash. Let me warn you upfront that Primi Piatti is right up there on the restaurants I plan to avoid for the rest of my life. I friggin hate the place. On Friday, the venue was decidedly average, in true Primi style. I mean, it wasn't terrible, but it didn't raise my opinion either. In all honesty, I'm not entirely sure what my bad opinion of this restaurant is based on tho.

It's a year since I crashed my little old Citi Chico ... weird to think about that, I seem so far away from then. So, for the first half of the evening everything went smoothly with some interesting conversation and then Varen & I had our "who can be more stubborn" contest, which lasted thru to midday on Saturday when things were finally resolved.

And thank goodness for that, because we'd booked our free amazing overnight experience at Forum Homini! Damn, I can't believe we both forgot our cameras :( But the rooms were exquisite and completely decadent. We had our 6-course dinner at 7pm with Root Restaurant's much-recommended wine-teasers. This was Varen's first real experience of Forum Homini 7 their restaurant Roots (aside from a few bites at the Taste of Joburg), and I think he was suitably impressed! The dinner was generally divine ... there was just one course (Rump & Escargot vol au vents) which I didn't especially enjoy, but that's just me :)

Then it was back to our room in time for the 9pm Rugby World Cup final. We watched the first half from our giant bath with bubbles :) I didn't think it was an especially entertaining game of rugby to watch (although there were one or two nail biting moments!) ... what with not a single try scored (and yes, the England one was out!). But, I guess such is the nature of the World Cup final games where the two teams should be fairly well matched. Although, South Africa did manage to score more than double England's points to achieve our second World Cup victory :)

On Sunday morning we got to enjoy breakfast at Roots which was spectacular and a perfect escape from the usual sort of buffet egg-and-bacon breakfast's one would usually get. We had chocolate dipped fruit, coconut & vanilla shakes, cinnamon flapjacks with toasted banana and a slice of bacon & gorgonzola quiche - yes, even their breakfasts have 3 courses!

After breakfast, we headed back to our room to relax in the sun with our books for a bit before our in-the-room hour-long massages. It was brilliant, I had a hot stone massage along with some reflexology on my feet & hands. Varen had an Indian Head massage followed by a full-body massage (it was okay, I was right there next to him ;) ). After that we unfortunately had to head back to reality :(

The rest of Sunday was fairly mundane and we watched a little more Supernatural S2 :) The weekend certainly ended on a much higher note than it started!

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