Wednesday, October 31, 2007

This Time It's My Fault

I'm tired again today. At least I was in at a reasonably average time (7am). But the thing is ... here's how yesterday went:

Went home just after midday ... I solved the issue that had been plaguing us so skipped out an hour earlier than I'd planned. Then I slept for a good 2 hours or so. After waking up, Varen came by to collect me and we headed off to my first house viewing appointment, we'll call this place Unit Three (Windsor).

Unit Three (Windsor)
1) It is a new development
2) It is a very decent price!
3) It should be fairly easy to rent out when the time comes
4) It has a bath & shower

1) It's in Windsor, which I swore off completely. But it is right on the edge in a very quiet street ... but still, what about the resale?
2) Palisade fencing - Do I want people to see me when I'm in my garden?
3) I don't think the finishes in the kitchen / bathroom are that great ... but it's so hard to tell without being able to actually see them.

It looks like it could be a good idea, depending which units are still left. It's a little tiny, I may have to give up my dream of having a dining room table but, it's actually quite a good size aside from that. Now how to decide about the area?

After checking out the construction site and chatting to the agent, Varen & I headed for gym. After gym we had a little time to spare so decided to go do a drive-by on another place I'd heard about, we'll call it Unit Four (Northcliff).

Unit Four (Northcliff )
Note: having not seen the place, these are all based purely on the drive-by and my discussion with the Agent.
1) It's in Northcliff and from the outside, the complex looks good
2) Should be safer than Melville or Windsor

1) It is a 47m2 2 bedroomed unit ... how small must that be?

Neither here nor there:
1) It is a 1st floor unit

I will be contacting the agent today to arrange a proper viewing :)

Current House Hunting Tally:
17 Property Blurbs cut out of the 28/10 Paper
8 Houses visited
1 Agent no-show
1 28/10 Paper Agents still to contact, maybe

5 Private Property Sellers to contact
7 Property 24 Agents contacted
5 Other Online Agents contacted

10 Off the list
2 Sold out from under me

Sadly while we were out driving around, Varen got one of those bad-news calls. His grandfather had died just after 5pm. It was expected and his folks had flown down the day before to say their final goodbyes, but it's still pretty sucky when it does actually happen. So baby, my thoughts are with you and your family :)

After all of that, I still had Book Club, which turned out to be a very good evening :) We had 2 new additions ... well one with another maybe who came along to check the group out and decide if she was keen. Spam, we want you back!

And I blame Book Club (although no doubt it is my fault!) for my exhaustion this morning. Got to bed at around 11:30pm (yes, and I was still up at 6:20 this morning!) and I think I had a minor hang-over this morning ... we drank a fair amount of red wine and Amarula (not mixed!). It was one of the best book club evenings I've had in a while. We were talking so much, it didn't matter how late it was getting :) Yawn.

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