Saturday, October 27, 2007

Yes, I am at Work

So here I am, on a Saturday evening, at work. We're doing a huge, giant implementation. It's one of those world-wide things where everyone has to be in-sync after the same date. Unfortunately, because of this, yesterday was fairly stressful. Our testers were still having issues, but well, as you can imagine under the circumstances, that's just too bad and we have to implement regardless. Unfortunately we are still waiting for a patch from our vendor for 2 bugs and they just cannot figure out what is causing the issue. This is more of a concern because the errors are intermittent. We had one whole bug-free day of testing. The following day everytime we tested these two specific things, they broke. What do you know, the next day it ran smoothly ... typical since we were desperate for some error logs to send to the vendor.

So here we are at 6:30pm on a Saturday implementing regardless.

Yesterday Varen & I went to gym, against our inclination, but it had to be done. Then we had a quiet night in and finished watching Supernatural S2. Today we spent out and about. Had to get to the Post Office to collect my order for Book Club. Then headed to Cresta for a bit where we got distracted (and fleeced) at the Estoril Books sale.

And then I bought myself a property times :) I spent the rest of the afternoon paging thru the 3 thick papers of houses for sale ... and realised just how little was in my price range. At least there was enough to warrant a trip to show houses tomorrow afternoon tho :) I am very excited and really looking forward to it.

But now it is back to work ...

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