Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Aaargh. I'm in at work at my usual early time and actually working ... usually I require an hour or so to "settle in" which includes blogging and catching up on the latest goings on around the web. But this morning I'm working. Why? Because I have something that requires testing and for some reason it insists on either not working or taking about 10 minutes longer than usual to execute.

Anyway, last night was the customary quiet Monday. Went to Gym with Varen ... even did the dreaded lat pull-down again, but on my acceptable weight :) No back pain as yet.

Did I mention that everything I attempt work-wise is suddenly seeming to take about 1000 times as long as usual. This is highly frustrating for an efficient person like me. I know what needs to be done but the system is confounding every attempt I make! Aargh.

And then we had a quick dinner at Varen's new place - no, the novelty has not yet worn off ;) And then I went home and had a nice bath with my book (I hardly seem to have any time to read lately) and an early night. Varen went off to visit his folks and get the last few things he'd left at his old place.

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