Friday, November 02, 2007

Feeling Remotely Upbeat Again

Righto, I've just had a quick chat with Varen's friendly Bond lady. In the hopes that she will be able to provide me with the news that I want to hear and secure me enough cash to buy a house.

She didn't have bad news, but it wasn't all good. The pre-approved Bond idea is out the window for now, but she recommends I keep looking and when I find a place that I am keen on I get in touch with her then. She says based purely on my gross income and the Bond I currently share with Bean, the most I can spend on a property (including my giant deposit) is between 420 & 450 thousand. That's lower than I'd set my sights, but not completely out of the realm of possibility. I may just have to give up on that little bit of extra space for the funky 4-seater dining room table I wanted to buy :(

So the hunt is back on and thank goodness tomorrow is Saturday when the Property Paper comes out!! I'll not get my hopes up completely just yet ... but I'm certainly not giving up and rolling over on this. I've even set myself a schedule, I want to celebrate my 28th birthday in my very own house (that's till April 2008).

So, onward and upward :)

Oh, and btw Unit One (Melville) and Unit Two (Rivonia) have been scratched off the list. Unit One (Melville) for the security factor. And Unit Two (Rivonia) for it's traffic-likelihood based on location.

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