Friday, November 23, 2007

I'm Back with a More Relaxed Back

Well, it turned into quite a story. So I went home on Wednesday afternoon with a massage scheduled for Thursday morning in the hopes that it would sort out my back pain. But by about 8pm that evening I was lying in the Emergency Room at Sandton Clinic with a drip in my arm receiving some very strong muscle relaxants and pain medication.

I had spent the afternoon relaxing and watching series (finished Weeds) when I sneezed at about 7:30 and my back muscle seized completely. I was in agony. Tears agony. Varen decided that enough was enough and in order to get any relief and sleep that night, I was going to have to be a little more proactive about sorting this out. So off we rushed.

Turns out it was a muscle spasm. Caused by the lat pull-down at gym that I increased the weight on a little too much. Won't be making that mistake again!

So I spent yesterday mostly recovered but still a little stiff at home. I went for my much needed massage and had a lovely celebratory lunch with Varen at Fego's. A lovely little restaurant nestled in the FNB/RMB Offices in Sandton. We had the most divine Chicken Haloumi salad :)

We were celebrating Varen's new house registering, finally. Hopefully he'll manage to get all moved in this weekend, I can't wait :)

We also went for dinner with his folks last night. Took them out to Soulsa, a great place for celebrating :) Their menu has been changed, but it was still a great meal all round.

> Oh, and in other good news, the November Rent has *finally* been paid!


A. M said...

I've been there, increasing weight @ gym or skipping the cardio part which made my muscles cramp, it's pretty painful especailly when u already have back aches or somethign...
Anyway glad things went good.

phillygirl said...

@am - yup and I won't be pushing myself that hard again any time soon. I mean really, who increases the weight on machines by 7.5 kgs per weight ... it's way too much!

A. M said...

You'll have a perfect shape with time...No need to push...and never skip cardio take this from me because i've been there and u don't want to be there as well trust me...;)
Good luck!

phillygirl said...

@am - fingers crossed :) thanks.

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