Monday, November 05, 2007

Things Are Looking Up

So, I've decided. I am buying a house :) That'll be me in the red square below ...

Yes, I'm going with Unit Three (Windsor). In the end it just had too many pluses and the only negative is the area, which it's really not that bad (compared to most of Windsor) ... I like to think of it as being in "Old Windsor". And besides, hopefully the very central location will make it a breeze to rent out when (if?) the time comes.

So here are the pluses ... in a nutshell:
1) It is a Garden Unit
2) It has a separate Lounge & Bedroom
3) The Bathroom is not en-suite
4) It has a separate Bath & Shower (yes, it has both!)
5) Hugest Plus of all: It's a new development ... currently just bricks, so I get to fiddle as I see fit.

I'm meeting the guy on Thursday afternoon to discuss changes to the kitchen and the additional cost of putting wooden flooring in the lounge. I get to make it my own. This to me is far more important than loads of other things! Besides, after my changes to the kitchen, I just might be able to get that 4-seater dining room table I wanted ;) Because I plan to finally be able to throw dinner parties ... okay, maybe not parties exactly, but at least to invite friends over for a well heated up Woolies meal :)

And before you ask, I have chatted to Varen's Bond Lady ... she says the Bond I'm going to need is completely do-able. I'm floating on Cloud 9!

And now it's off to gym ....


Lopz said...

Congratulations Miss About To Be Home-Owner! That's fantastic news. Makes me very eager and motivated to buy my own..hopefully by the end of next year. Am looking forward to hearing all about the interior decorating. :-)

The Divine Miss M said...


I'm so excited for you!!

*big hugs from across the big wide ocean*

We shall celebrate properly in just over a month with sushi and cocktails ;)

phillygirl said...

thanks girls :) Let's hope I haven't jinxed things completely by even mentioning it here ... I mean, it's far from a done deal just yet. But I can't help but be excited even by the prospect of it (make no mistake, I'll be crushed if it doesn't work out tho!)

noodle said...

That is SO cool. Congrats!

Prices are so insane in Durbs, I may just live at home forever…

phillygirl said...

@noodle - thanks :)

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