Friday, December 14, 2007

Out of Office: Off to Cape Town

Today I walked into work smiling :) That is because I won't be back here till 2008 (it sounds so much further away when you say it like that!).

Yesterday was manic. I had a team lunch at The Butcher Shop in Sandton. It certainly wouldn't have been my choice, I tend to steer clear of restaurants with the words "Grill", "Meat" or "Butcher" in the title. Aside from my foul mood on arrival (due to the horrendous Sandton traffic, traffic lights out and general construction and the attempt to find parking in three different parking lots) but was swiftly solved by a double vodka ;) The food wasn't bad although I wolfed it down in record time because I had to head off to Varen. But I will say that I won't be recommending it to people or heading back there myself anytime soon. I did really like their veggies (even tho they looked like they'd glow in the dark!).

And then it was off to Varen's to pick him up and head to International Departures. We spent some time saying goodbye and then he jet-setted off with his gift-pack of envelopes (on for each day to remind him how much he means to me). I must say I am a little nervous since I have yet to hear from him announcing his arrival in Sydney (and all my smses haven't been delivered yet either). But I've checked the airline website and his flight has arrived. It's 17h51 is Sydney according to my personal world clock, which means that he is 9 hours ahead. It also means that the reason I haven't heard from him is probably because he's already on his next flight to Brisbane. He was supposed to have a 3 hour stop-over, but according to the airline website, it looks like he landed 2 hours late (not so far off a South African domestic flight delay!) - sheesh, I hope he made his connecting flight! Although I'm guessing if he didn't make it, his phone would be on and he'd be lamenting his delay. He should be arriving in Brisbane in about an hour and hopefully I'll hear from him then.

In other news, I'll be off to Cape Town later this afternoon. My bags are packed and I'm dying to be out of here! I'll post if and when I can, but don't count on it ;) Hope you all have a fantastic festive season spent with family and friends. See ya in the new year.

> Quick Update 10:29am: As per the airline website, Varen has now safely arrived in Brisbane ... still haven't had delivery receipts for my smses yet :(

> Another Update 10:45am: He's successfully arrived in Brisbane :) Yippee ... I await further details on what he termed a "complete fuckup" with flights. Oh well, at least he's there and can finally begin to relax and enjoy his holiday!

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Marc said...

Hope you have a great one to :) Thanks for the entertaining blog throughout the year :)

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