Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Still Counting Down

I realised yesterday as Varen & I discussed what to do with our evening that I haven't seen a big-screen movie in absolute ages. This may be because of the utter trash screening lately ... it's more likely to be that I just don't have time for it any more since we're trying to gym (and if we skip it we generally have something else on) and I need to get to bed around 21h30 to be up at 6am to allow me to leave work at 15h30 in the afternoon.

So Varen & I fully prepared to get some take-out ... Mochacho's yum :) and watch some more series. Instead while waiting for our food, we browsed a Video shop and ended up taking a DVD home with our food.

We watched Mr Brooks.

Mr. Brooks follows a developing trend in the serial killer genre where the audience is brought to like the killer due to his pleasant personality and the fact that killing is portrayed as an addiction.

Earl Brooks (Kevin Costner) is an upstanding business owner and family man, recently honored as the Portland Chamber of Commerce’s Man of the Year. In his secret life, Earl is a serial killer, hounded by his inner demons, manifested as the gleefully sadistic alter ego Marshall (William Hurt). While he has refrained from killing for the last two years, Brooks feels the urge rising once again and, spurred on by Marshall, murders a couple in their home.

This was a pretty decent movie with a fairly star-studded cast. The ending had a predictable twist followed by the surprise of a twist you didn't see coming (well Varen did, but essentially my prediction still turned out to be right).

And now it is less than 36 hours until the man jets off to Australia. Luckily he received confirmation of his visa late on Monday and will be collecting it today :) There goes my plan to kidnap him to Cape Town with me on Friday ...

Currently I'm in training ... blegh. Can you tell how interested I am since I'm currently posting to my blog?

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